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Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing at TUV Rheinland in Vishakapatnam

Reliability Testing:

For safety, quality and sustainability

Often, a product fails at the time of transportation or during operation or while in storage. Hence, it is essential that such probable causes of failure are taken care of during the design and development phase itself. Reliability tests are a series of repetitive tests that are used to analyse the functionality and breakdown phase of any electrical product under various environmental conditions during transportation, storage, handling and operation. These environmental simulations could include extreme and swift temperature variations, very high or low humidity, wet environments, vibrations (airborne and structural) and accelerations.

Reliability tests help to accelerate the aging process of the product in order to predict its lifecycle and analyse probable future causes of failure. These tests help improve the product‘s design and implement changes at the product developmental stage, thereby improving product quality and life while ensuring customers remain loyal to your product. Reliability tests may be performed at various stages to rectify potential defects - from the prototype to the final production stage basis the manufacturer’s requirement. TÜV Rheinland India, as an independent testing and certification agency, has best-in-class reliability testing services for a range of products including commercial, industrial, electronic sub-assemblies for consumer electronics, household, medical, lighting, and many more.

Why TUV Rheinland:

  • Our one-of-a-kind Medical Device Centre of Excellence has an in-house Reliability Testing Laboratory equipped with different capacities environmental chambers, Vibration and shock Test Equipment, Combined Shaker and Integration Test Equipment, Free Fall Drop Test Equipment, and Ingression Protection Test setup up to IP68
  • We offer a one-stop-solution for all Reliability, Safety Testing, and EMC Testing and Certifications
  • Manufacturers can save time and cost by considering compliance and testing requirements during the design and development stage

Types of Reliability Test:

  • Standard Specified Tests: Test conducted as per particular IEC/ ISO/ BIS/ IS standards
  • OEM’s Specified Tests: Test conducted as per OEM’s DVP
  • Customer Usage Profile: Tests based on realistic expectation of customer usage
  • Development Tests: Test taken during the design phase of a product:
    • Component Level Testing
    • System Level Testing
    • Environmental and Accelerated Testing
    • Shipping Test

  • Manufacturing Test: Normally taken up post design finalization and release for production, where we tend to measure the manufacturing process rather than product
    • Functionality testing and Burn-in
    • Extended Post-production testing
    • Design/ Process change verification

Benefit at a glance:

  • Reliability test helps in improving your product reliability and reduce the risk encountered
  • Would enable a speed time to market
  • Avoid unnecessary product recall
  • Increase the trust of consumer on your product and help safeguarding your brand


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