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Tunnel Safety

Tunnel Safety

Integrated Support – Right from the Start

From concept review to emergency simulation, from traffic projection to emergency communications – our experts support tunnel operators in planning, construction, and operation. Using static calculations and technical testing, we can verify safety and functionality in advance. And we offer you professional simulations during operation. Take a look for yourself – we have the right offer for every phase of the job.

Benefits at a Glance

Integrated solutions for tunnel operation and tunnel safety from TÜV Rheinland help you:

  • Optimize your processes and ensure trouble-free operation
  • Reduce your construction costs – right from the planning phase
  • Ensure that your structure maintains its value and provides maximum service life
  • Identify hidden defects and material wear early on
  • Take advantage of our many years of experience and our broad network of experts

Our Range of Services for Tunnel Operators

Planning Phase

  • Preparation of noise, emissions, and traffic prognoses
  • Evaluation of possible effects of earthquake
  • Evaluation of mountainous areas near tunnels
  • Design testing of construction quality, electrical systems, ventilation and smoke extraction units
  • Evaluation of water supply and removal for fire extinguishing systems
  • Evaluation of communication installations and command and control centers
  • Review of expected environmental impacts
  • Preparation and testing of static calculations and revisions

Construction Phase

  • Appointment of a health and safety coordinator
  • Evaluation of the interior shell
  • Recalculation of the tunnel history
  • Appointment of a tunnel engineering expert for tunneling operations
  • Quality assurance during construction
  • Introduction of measuring systems for subsequent monitoring
  • Assessment of the stability of cuts at entrances
  • Measurement of physical parameters to assess stability
  • Evaluation of tunnel drainage, road construction, road markings, and condition of fire extinguishing water lines
  • Calculation of pipes, expansion joints, and beams
  • Inspection of safety-related systems
  • Inspection of tunnel control technology

Operation Phase

  • Renovation processes for drain pipes
  • Traffic counts
  • Remote monitoring of air and component temperatures
  • Tunnel scanning
  • Damage assessment
  • Review of sign compliance (accident prevention regulations, employer’s liability insurance association)
  • Recording and assessment of safety-related parameters
  • Power failure simulation and functional testing of emergency generators
  • Fire and smoke testing to check the ventilation control system and verify the effectiveness of the ventilation system
  • Optical and acoustic testing of the clarity of warning and alarm systems
  • Inspection of availability and quality of supply and disposal of extinguishing agents
  • Testing of the emergency communication system with the tunnel command and control center

Legal Basis for Our Services

  • Bridge testing according to the DIN 1076 norm
  • Civil code (§836 Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) on liability of property owners

Reference Cases

pdf Reference Case: Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Germnay 784 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Subway Construction in Nuremberg, Germany 906 KB Download


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