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Sustainable Carbon Service

Sustainable Carbon Service | TÜV Rheinland

Future proof your sustainable business practice

With industrial activities counting for a significant portion of the overall global carbon emissions, businesses are under increasing pressure from regulatory bodies, investors, consumers and the public to mandatorily disclosure their carbon emissions and demonstrate steady progress in moving towards carbon neutrality. Furthermore, how companies proactively predict and manage climate related environmental, social and financial risks as part of the disclosure is also intensively monitored by relevant stakeholders.

But how can you prove your commitment, if collecting and reporting high quality inventory data about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is such a technically complex task? The challenge applies in particular to indirect emissions generated along the value chain from supply chains to consumer use. Companies are increasingly seeking third-party verification to their carbon reporting and climate disclosure to raise confidence and identify gaps for data quality improvement.

At TÜV Rheinland, our environmental sustainability experts can support businesses with climate change and carbon disclosure work from multiple dimensions.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Verification

It requires a deep understanding of a company’s GHG emissions in order to develop an effective corporate climate change strategy. Corporate Carbon Footprint is the GHG generated from business activities of an organisation or a company, including energy use, transportation, waste generation, supply chain, consumer use and others. The GHG protocol defines three scopes:

  • Scope 1: emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
  • Scope 2: emissions are produced indirect from the generation of purchased energy.
  • Scope 3: emissions are all indirect emissions (not included in scope 2) that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions.

Corporate carbon footprint verification (CCF verification) is an assessment process to ensure that the reported GHG data is accurate, complete and reliable. This requires the use of appropriate measures to reduce any gaps and uncertainties in the data. In the verification process, the probability of data errors, omissions and misrepresentation will be evaluated and calculated to ensure that it remains below an acceptable threshold.

4 stages of sustainable carbon service

The international standard ISO 14064-3 “Greenhouse Gases Part 3, specification with guidance for verification and validation of greenhouse gas statements” is the basis of the verification process by our carbon verifiers. The process consists of four stages.

The Corporate Carbon Footprint Verification by TÜV Rheinland is based on ISO 14064-3 and consists of four stages.

By providing independent verification to their CCF reporting, companies can demonstrate the reliability of their data. It helps them to measure and disclose carbon emissions according to the relevant standards and showcase commitment to climate protection and environmental responsibility.

Carbon Disclosure, Climate Risk Assessment and CCF Data Management

Our carbon expert team is well-positioned to support companies with different carbon reporting frameworks, voluntary disclosure and verification programs:

  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Science based target setting
  • CDP service
  • Climate risk management, target and strategy setting

Our global network of skilled auditors specialized in environmental aspects of supply chains are ready to be deployed on site. They collect or verify carbon inventory data also from scope 3 of your supply chain. They are using customised programs or industry programs such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) tool.

We also provide you with our own customised, highly effective and value added auditing tool. Our “facility energy diagnosis audit” supports global retailers and brands to assess energy hotspots in their supply chain and identify opportunities for energy saving and efficiency improvement.

Sustainable Services From The Start

TÜV Rheinland was one of the first third-party testing and certification organizations to focus on the low-carbon sector and launch related services. As early as 2006, TÜV Rheinland provided carbon asset development, international carbon trading, and carbon emission reduction project validation and verification services all over the world.

In order to help customers accelerate the process of carbon neutrality, our team of experts has been working in the field of low carbon and energy for many years. We continue to explore and provide professional and feasible solutions as well as comprehensive technical support for the whole product life cycle. Furthermore, the extensive auditing experience of our international teams enable them to provide professional and credible certification services.

In the future, TÜV Rheinland will continue to focus on dual carbon frontier areas, such as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), the EU Battery Act, and the Ecodesign Act, to provide more professional services to our customers.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Nothing less than the future is at stake. Companies, institutions, public authorities and each and every one of us can play a positive role in shaping the path to tomorrow. We provide you with comprehensive support to ensure that you operate safely, sustainably and efficiently for many years to come.

Sustainable Business Practices

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Supply Chain Audits

Supply Chain Audits

We are an expert partner for auditing, evaluating & certifying the behaviour of suppliers in terms of fair and safe working conditions, responsible business practices & sustainability.

Our Science Based Targets Service

Our Science Based Targets Service

TÜV Rheinland empowers your organization for climate action. We assist to produce robust and accurate independent third-party verified GHG inventories.

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