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Technical School

Technical School

Your Technical Degree in just one Year

Want to improve your career prospects with a degree? After one year at our technical school for design and technology in Dresden, you will be ready to begin your studies - whether at a university or polytechnic institute. In just one year, we will prepare you for the state examination for your advanced technical degree. Applicants must either have a technical or design degree. They must also be proficient in English (with a minimum of four years of continuous language study).

Benefits at a Glance

With a technical degree from the TÜV Rheinland school in Dresden, you can:

  • Have time - by earning your technical degree in just one year
  • Acquire new study habits that make learning easier and more effective
  • Hone your communication and team skills
  • Improve your time management – both to the benefit of your work and studies
  • Join the 80,000 professionals and managers who seek our training every year - from the industry and service sectors, to health care and government branches

Your Path to a Technical Degree - In Just One Year

At the TÜV Rheinland technical school in Dresden, we prepare you in just one year for the state examination to earn your technical degree. It is the perfect way to achieve your personal career goals - and quick too.

  • Our curriculum covers both general and specialized content. We do this by building on a combination theory and practical exercises.
  • We encourage you to be creative, think critically, and take pride in your work.
  • We offer a number of additional services to help you prepare for your studies.

You can finish your FOS 12L training in one year. Our curriculum fulfills state requirements for public education in Saxony, Germany. A final state examination concludes the training program.

Prerequisites for Admission

  • A secondary school degree
  • A technical or design degree
  • At least four years of continuous English-language study

The program begins at the same time as the academic year in Saxony.

Additional Ways to Earn Your Technical Degree at TÜV Rheinland Schools

  • After successfully completing our two-year professional training program, you have two options for further study. You can apply for admission to the one-year program at our technical school in Dresden. Or, you can enroll in additional courses to help prepare for the final state examination to earn your technical degree.
  • The TÜV Rheinland Schools in Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Siegen offer three-year professional training programs - which include the final state examination for your technical degree. This lets you finish your professional training - and equip yourself for further study, should you so desire.


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