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Online Vehicle Appraisal

Online Vehicle Appraisal

What’s the Car still Worth?

Our experts know the answer. Based on your data, we calculate the so-called hypothetical value of a vehicle. Without an inspection, quickly and easily. Within 24 hours or a couple of days, we’ll e-mail you your vehicle appraisal.

Our Online Vehicle Appraisal – How it Works

First, fill in our questionnaire and send it off. The car-specialists at TÜV Rheinland then research the dealer purchase value in EurotaxSchwacke. We then compare that value with the used car prices for comparable models in at least one car market.

Why Pay When You can Get a Free Vehicle Appraisal?

Save Valuable Time
Our staff do all the work for you. They have reliable sources for the market value of used cars, without having to research on the Internet for hours at Schwacke or DAT.

You Know the Real Market Value
With our online vehicle appraisal, you won’t just be getting a pure list value. We check whether this value corresponds to the real, current market value – by comparing it with current used car prices.

Your Free Extra: A Full Vehicle Defect Form
With our vehicle appraisal, you also get a full vehicle defect form. It tells you which problem zones a vehicle of this age and series could have. That way, you know exactly what to look for when buying or selling.


Hypothetical Vehicle Appraisal (only available Monday to Friday)

€55 including 19% V.A.T.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!