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Load and Performance Testing

Load and Performance Testing

Take it to the Limit

Recognize the limits of your IT systems - with load testing by TÜV Rheinland. Load tests give you reliable information. How many visitors can your Web applications take? What changes can you make to response times in times of load increases? Load testing by TÜV Rheinland gives you the confidence you need that your IT systems are stable – no matter how much requests may grow.

We’ll find the Errors

Based on your requirements, our specialists will simulate a DIN 66273 / ISO 14756 compliant maximum capacity load to measure system performance. Together with you, we define which criteria need testing: response time, resource consumption, and stability. Furthermore, we also find errors that can only be recognized above specific load thresholds, including configuration or parameterization errors, synchronization problems, and resource shortages. The result: valuable information for resource planning, performance optimization, application tuning, and for the underlying technical infrastructure.

Performance Analysis for your Optimization Strategy

Our performance analysis gives you realistic data on your software and Web applications’ response behavior. We identify and document potential performance bottlenecks: banners with excessive load times and redundant HTML code. In doing so, our IT specialists also uncover possible weaknesses in the programming or design of the application. What this amounts to for you is detailed documentation of vulnerabilities and optimization approaches for your applications.

Benefits at a Glance

Load testing by TÜV Rheinland enables you to:

  • Reduce costs and achieve greater customer satisfaction by identifying potential bottlenecks early on
  • Verify the compliance of critical, non-functional performance requirements
  • Confirm software development success by comparing different versions
  • Plan resources using secure data on system behavior
  • Optimize performance of specific components, and tune applications or technical infrastructure

And with a performance analysis by our IT specialists, you:

  • Get tailor-made approaches to optimizing your software or online services
  • Recognize possible advantages and disadvantages of your software in comparison with competitor products
  • Increase the quality of your application by targeting performance bottlenecks
  • Identify resource-intensive applications and weak points in programming and development
  • Gain transparency of how service level agreements (SLAs) are met with regular analyses of specific scenarios

Your Load Test in Three Steps

A load test by our IT experts is typically executed in the following sequence:

1. Test Design

We draft an IEEE 829-1998 compliant test plan, which describes test objects, test objectives, and test methods and the use cases that have to be tested, including a load test strategy.

2. Load Test

We implement and execute the load test scenarios. In addition, we evaluate the measures and validate them in compliance with DIN 66273 / ISO 14756 norms.

3. Documentation

Finally, you receive a detailed final report from our expert testers.

Performance Analysis in Six Steps

Performance analysis provides tailored suggestions for optimization to help you improve your company’s IT performance.

1. Conception

We define the use cases that need to be tested, the test methods and scenarios, and the performance analysis strategy.

2. Execution

Our staff transfers the use cases into test scenarios and align the tests.

3. Analysis / Monitoring

We then analyze around-the-clock analysis to generate findings on system behavior, for example on peak times.

4. Comparison

Following a comparison of your company’s or your competitors' products, we then deliver an objective report of your own IT performance.

5. Optimization

We draft suggestions for improving vulnerabilities that were identified.

6. Documentation

You then finally receive accompanying report, with a graphical representation of the data, and a detailed final report.


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