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Civil Engineering Structures

Civil Engineering Structures

Construction Project Management – Focusing on Safety and Keeping Track of Costs

The best cost-effectiveness and uncompromising safety. With civil engineering projects, especially bridges, these demands can sometimes seem mutually exclusive. TÜV Rheinland has just the solution for you: construction management from a single source. Carried out by our specialists at regular intervals, our audits and inspections save money and ensure the durability, traffic safety, and load-bearing capacity of your construction projects. We also assist you in your construction and repair projects, working together with you to find the optimum solution.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s comprehensive construction project management, you can:

  • Ensure the safety of your civil engineering projects over the longest possible period of time
  • Save money on repair projects and reach a significantly higher level of quality
  • Comply with all applicable standards and regulations
  • Reduce your risk of liability by applying and documenting your compliance with safety standards
  • Obtain the full range of maintencance-related services from a single source

Our Services for Civil Engineering Projects

Our experts offer you a comprehensive range of construction management services, all from a single source. Our full range of services for civil engineering projects and maintenance includes:

  • Construction project audits in compliance with the DIN 1076 norm
  • Damage analyses specific to objects, such as material studies, non-destructive testing, automated continuous monitoring, and behavior models
  • Preparation of construction project logs
  • Load-bearing capacity classification in accordance with the DIN 1072 norm
  • Design, tendering, and monitoring of maintenance measures
  • Monetary appraisal


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!