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Performance Ratio (PR) Assessment

Performance Ratio (PR) Assessment

Measuring Solar Power Plant Efficiency

Performance ratio (PR) assessment effectively assesses the health of a PV power plant with the most cost effective solution.

As an owner, investor, lender and developer looking into solar projects you can rely on Performance ratio (PR) assessment to verify the overall quality of new and already operational PV power plants.

Performance ratio (PR) assessment reinforcement

Performance ratio assessment measures the partial (PV modules, inverters, strings, arrays) or complete PV power plant efficiency.

By means of a self-powered system which is easily installed on site, data is collected, stored and sent for post-processing.

Thereupon, experts analyze the data determining not only differences between the actual and contractually specified energy generation but also the impact of any deviation from the project specifications which might result in low performance.

Performance Ratio Assessment provides stakeholders the security of getting accurate and independent information for an evaluation of the return on investment.

First-hand independent performance information

TÜV Rheinland PR Assessment is an independent assessment which provides first-hand PV power plant performance information to project stakeholders and brings confidence to decision makers about the investment.

Our PR assessment experts provide comprehensive support including:

  • Highly accurate calibrated measurement to minimize technical problems and consequent financial uncertainty
  • Performance measurements and electrical characterizations conducted according to applicable national and international standards
  • Adjustable parameter measurement
  • Highly reliable data
  • Both short- and long-term assessments
  • Autonomous measurement system

In-house developed PR assessment equipment for highly reliable data

Performance Ratio Assessment - Key Outcomes

TÜV Rheinland PV Performance Ratio Assessment Service provides stakeholders a realistic picture of the implemented system.

  • The equipment used by our experts for this service, has been developed in-house and provides a reliable, accurate and flexible third-party solution for all types of PV power plants and technologies. More information of the used methods you can find in the IEA Report “Analytical Monitoring of Grid connected Photovoltaic System”.
  • Besides being an autonomous and inter-connected system, PR measurement units can be easily installed anywhere in the PV power plant, providing stakeholders a reliable, simple and solid solution.

Your benefits

  • A trusted, reliable and globally accepted partner
  • Expert Performance Ratio Assessment to ensure stakeholder confidence
  • Worldwide TÜV Rheinland expertise and network to support any project, anytime and anywhere

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