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Certification: Proof of Quality for Your Products

Safety, quality, usability – a recent consumer study showed that 88% of all those questioned want manufacturer's claims to be checked and confirmed by an independent body. For example, TÜV Rheinland. Our experts can support you during product audit and certification – from market homologation to voluntary audits based on criteria you determine. You can use our neutral test mark to back your products on the market and document their individual characteristics on our Internet platform 'Certipedia', with an individual ID number to help make them easy to find.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for product audits and certifications, you can:

  • Strengthen your company's success on the market with a neutrally-audited, quality product
  • Minimize liability for your company and avoid returns within guarantee periods
  • Back your advertising campaign with strong statements
  • Use our free Internet service, Certipedia
  • Ensure consistent levels of quality with neutral manufacture monitoring processes
  • Speed up product launches on the global market

Terms & Conditions and Testing & Certification Rules

Our Terms & Conditions and Testing & Certification Rules are now available to download:

pdf General Terms and Conditions 62 KB Download
pdf Testing and Certification Regulation 126 KB Download

Important Changes regarding TÜV OEM Rheinland Certificates.

Safety and quality have been our passion for many years. We test, inspect and certify for you and manage projects with you. Based on our business relationships going back many years, you know us as a reliable and capable partner. Therefore it is very important for us to have our customers well-informed and updated on the most recent changes related to the testing and certification environment. Today we are pleased to inform you about important changes regarding your TÜV Rheinland OEM Certificates. These changes are necessary to comply with the requirements of our Accreditation Bodies, Authorities, Regulations and Laws. Therefore we would like to detail out the scope and practical application of this approach by answering some questions one by one.

pdf Please click here to get informed. 894 KB Download

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Online Certification Platform

Our Services for Certification

We test products to specific domestic and international standards to ensure that the products meets compliance with all applicable requirements.

The Value of a TÜV Rheinland Certification

When both consumers and manufacturers see a TÜV Rheinland certification mark, they can be assured that they are buying a safe product that has been investigated to particular safety requirements by an accredited third party and is supported by regular surveillance audits and factory inspections.

To compete in today's marketplace, companies need certified management systems. Being able to display that you selected a highly regarded registrar to conduct the independent audit can further distinguish your company

TÜV Rheinland Announces Newly Redesigned Marks for Product Safety and Quality Certification

TÜV Rheinland of North America has a new certification mark which reflects our evolution as a global product certification leader and the growing importance to thousands of global clients, like you, that benefit from the reputation of our mark.

This newly designed mark reinforces the TÜV Rheinland brand and ensure consistency and ease of recognition among consumers and code officials worldwide, helping your products achieve greater acceptance and faster market entry around the world.

Products bearing the cTUV, TUVus or cTUVus Certification Marks reflect supplier commitment and confidence and have been independently confirmed to meet the minimum requirements of US and Canadian electrical safety standards.

Please refer to FAQ under the FAQ tab for more details.

Our New cTUVus Certification Mark

Our New TUVus Certification Mark

Our New cTUV Certification Mark

New TÜV Rheinland North American Certification Marks FAQ

Q: Why did TÜV Rheinland redesign its North American certification marks?
A: Our aim is to help our customers achieve success in the global marketplace. The new design combines the local strength and recognition of each mark with the global brand power of TÜV Rheinland. Together, the new mark design adds value to manufacturers’ products and brings consistency and ease-of-recognition to consumers and code officials worldwide.

Q: What is the difference between the new and the old marks?
A: The new North American marks provide bolder text for easier identification and more clarity when used on small applications.

Q: When will the new certification marks be launched?
A: On April 1, 2011, we will formally introduce the new design of the North American marks.

Q: Who is allowed to use the new marks?
A: All TÜV Rheinland clients with valid cTUV, TUVus and cTUVus certificates are eligible to switch to the new marks beginning April 1, 2011

Q: Will existing marks still be valid?
A: Yes, the existing cTUV, TUVus and cTUVus marks will continue to be valid. Transition to the new marks should occur by end of 2012.

Q: Can I start using the new marks even if my certificate was issued before April 1, 2011 and shows the “old” marks?
A: Clients may update to the new TÜV Rheinland certification mark design at any time.

Q: Do I need to start using the new marks if I obtain a certificate issued after April 1, 2011?
A: Clients may take advantage of the new TÜV Rheinland certification marks. After the first year the old marks will no longer be valid.

Q: Can I change the marks?
A: TÜV Rheinland’s certification marks may not be altered. Only official artwork versions of the marks should be used. If you have any questions about mark usage, please contact

Q: Do the new marks mean any changes in TÜV Rheinland’s services or procedures?
A: No, the marks have only been redesigned. There is no change in the regulations or processes required to obtain certifications.

Q: Once the new marks are in use, are the current testing reports and certifications still valid?
A: Yes, the test reports and certifications are still valid. Clients do not need to replace them. There will be a transition period of one year from April 1, 2011 for clients to adopt the new marks with no impact on test reports of certifications.

If you have additional questions, please email or call 888-743-4652.

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