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Whole-Vehicle Type Testing for Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Trailers

Whole-Vehicle Type Testing for Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Trailers

Guaranteed Approvals thanks to Tested Vehicles

Whether you manufacture cars, trucks, buses, or trailers, our team can provide you with comprehensive tests that clear the way to vehicle approval. Our homologation services ensure that your vehicles and their systems and components meet regulatory standards in Germany and across Europe. And with our type testing services, you'll be ready to market any type of vehicle, from trailer to bus.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland's type testing and homologation services for vehicles, you:

  • Ensure that your vehicles meet German and European legal requirements, such as Directive 2007/46/EC
  • Can market your vehicles in Germany and around the world thanks to full eligibility for approval
  • Benefit from our one-stop shop service – our efficient team can organize everything from documentation and inspections to reports and certificates
  • Profit from our close collaboration with a range of regulatory authorities, such as motor vehicle approval authorities, and our network of experts at home and abroad

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Services for the Vehicle Approval Process

Our experts can provide homologation and type testing services for your vehicles and automotive systems and components. This includes:

  • Supporting you throughout the approval process, from initial assessment to the approval stage
  • Performing all tasks in our technology centers or at your site
  • Performing trials and analyzing the results in detail
  • Helping you understand regulations, especially for new technologies
  • Advising and assisting with the conformity of production process (COP)
  • Monitoring approval deadlines for introducing new or modified regulations
  • Helping you obtain special approvals in accordance with road traffic approval regulations (Straßenverkehrszulassungsordnung, or StVZ0) and under EU regulations for discontinued series
  • Independent product tests
  • Analyzing concepts and reviewing eligibility for approval

Regulations and Approvals

Testing vehicles and automotive systems and components for compliance with StVZO, EU Directives such as 2007/46/EC, ECE regulations (Economic Commission for Europe), and the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

Organizing tests and assessments for:

  • EC type approval
  • Multi-stage EC type approvals
  • EC small series approvals
  • National small series
  • Individual approvals
  • EC and ECE type approvals for systems and components
  • German national type approval (ABE)

Need more information? Would you like a personalized quote? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'll respond to your request as soon as possible.

New EU regulation requires mandatory ECWVTA certification for all vehicles including trailers and caravans

The European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) became mandatory for all new motor caravans (M1 Special Purpose category) from October 2011 and for all existing types from May 2012. It has also become compulsory for all manufacturers of 01, 02, 03 and 04 trailers, and the deadline for the Special Purpose category, which includes caravans, is fast approaching.

From November 2012 all new special purpose trailers (including caravans and horseboxes) are required to have valid ECWVTA in the EU and from November 2014 all existing types should also be compliant. The increasing levels of market surveillance and enforcement in the EU now ensure that only the conforming vehicles can be sold across Europe.

This legislation will affect ALL vehicle manufacturers who build, convert or sell new (pre-registration) Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Coaches, Trailers, Caravans and other Special Purpose vehicles.

In the UK, TUV Rheinland is an attractive alternative to VCA for obtaining ECWVTA. Due to our fast and efficient service delivery, professional technical advice and friendly customer service the leading brands such as Lunar, Bailey, Swift and many more have all chosen TUV Rheinland to provide them with the necessary approvals.

EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval is based around EC Directives and provides for the approval of whole vehicles, in addition to vehicle systems and separate components. This certification is accepted throughout the EU without the need for further testing until a directive is updated or your design changes. The process of obtaining ECWVTA certification may take 2 - 4 months of preparation plus 2-3 months for obtaining the approval. Therefore, manufacturers should make arrangements straightaway for certifying their existing product offer.

Our current lead time for obtaining ECWVTA is under 2 months and we can also assist you with preparation of your Conformity of Production documentation and approval application. Our automotive experts would be happy to provide you with guidance and discuss your specific requirements.

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