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Elevator Emergency Communication Systems

Elevator Emergency Communication Systems

Our portfolio of emergency communication testing services ensures reliable call systems

To ensure the safe operation of vertical transport and elevator systems, reliable emergency call systems are required to be connected to an emergency communication center. As a supplier or manufacturer, you need a knowledgeable partner who can verify the safety, assess for compliance and offer expert advice for your elevators or remote alarm systems.

We can help you navigate through the planning, development and production of your emergency call transmission systems and test your call centers as well as help you manage your overall operational strategy. Moreover, we are equipped to carry out type examination of your system and issue a test report for positive results.

Request a voluntary examination today! Our experts can help illustrate and improve the safety of your emergency communication systems.

Efficient handling of elevator emergencies with expert assessments

Our experts carry out evaluations of your call equipment and emergency procedures and enable you to actively contribute to accident prevention. By checking whether your emergency call centers, communication transmission and emergency plan meet all relevant requirements and safety standards, we help you ensure compliance, while reducing your risk of liability: a strong message to your customers and the many users relying on safe elevator transport daily. Should an emergency occur, you can feel confident that your emergency communication system will be up to the task.

Elevator emergency communication tested for reliability

Reliable elevator emergency communication by TÜV Rheinland
Tested for reliability – We help you optimize your emergency communication system

We test for reliability and help you optimize your emergency communication system. Moreover, our experts give you access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Planning, development, and production of emergency call transmission systems
  • Analysis and evaluation of your emergency call systems
  • Emergency communication center testing
  • Voluntary type examination, which can result in a certificate of compliance with local and/or international industrial safety and health regulations

As an operator of elevators, your communication and emergency plan need to comply with technical regulations on industrial safety and new industrial safety and health regulations. Our experts can verify your emergency plan as part of our regular elevator inspections and tests

Whether you are a supplier or an operator of emergency call centers or systems, these services constitute a comprehensive package to ensure safety and reliability.

Years of experience and short turnarounds in elevator emergency communication testing

Partnering with our team of experts gives you access to a comprehensive range of services not only for your emergency communication system, but also for your elevator operations in general - from inspections to energy efficiency assessments.

Our experience in the field of elevator safety and efficiency is extensive, so let us put it to work for you. With a call to a TÜV Rheinland representative, you can gain access to our one-stop shop services and short test times.

Contact a local expert now to optimize your elevator emergency communication systems!


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Contact us to request a non-binding offer

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