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Lifetime Extension of Wind Turbines

Lifetime extension of wind turbines | TÜV Rheinland

Lifetime extension: What happens to wind turbines after 20 years?

Wind turbines are granted a construction or operating permit for a period of 20 years when erected. Owners and operators must therefore think about which of their options (repowering or lifetime extension) might be most promising before the end of the technical lifetime

We provide you with the expert opinion, what is needed in order to apply for an extension of operation to the appropriate approval authority. Our approach to assessing the condition of old wind farms has also proven its worth in subsequent transactions. In addition to on-site inspections, our experts also carry out the analytical calculations (such as loads and turbulence reports).

Our experts take a holistic view of your needs based on many years of project experience and extensive know-how, making us the ideal partner for you.

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Lifetime Extension: Benefit from our holistic service

Our services for the continued operation of wind turbines provide you the opportunity to exploit the potential of your turbines even after the technical useful life is over. Our recommendations can help you when renegotiating insurance and operational contracts. Our approach relies on a combination of document examination and on-site inspection to derive recommendations for your decision.

At a glance: Our services for the continued operation of your wind turbine

Our combination of methods for evaluating the lifetime extension of your wind turbine | TÜV Rheinland

Two complementary methods – the practical and the analytical – are used to test stability and fatigue strength:

  1. On-site testing
    The practical method consists of recurring on-site inspection to determine the current technical condition and to identify possible damage potentials. The most diverse systems and components such as tower & foundation, machine carrier & drive train, hub & rotor blades, and screw connections are tested for their functionality. To be most effective, we take our experience of more than 70 references into account to reduce the inspection time.
  2. Analysis
    Based on and in addition to the on-site tests, an analytical method is carried out as a verification procedure. Here, conclusions about the condition and operational stability of the wind turbine are made based on recorded documentation. Results from this analysis are used to provide an estimate of probable remaining lifetime.

After completing our examinations, we will provide you our expert opinion based on the:

  • Recurring inspection of machine during continued operation
  • Recurring inspection of rotor blades during continued operation
  • Turbulence report
  • Analytical detection with expected continued operation time

Take advantage of our sound, technical decision-making basis for the lifetime extension of your wind turbines.

Thanks to our comprehensive competence and quality standards, we provide you with the support you need for the safety and economic success of your projects. With us at your side, you have the opportunity to extend the life of your wind turbine. Our experts can also help you with your sale or repowering project.

We are able to draw upon years of experience to offer you a service that is specially tailored to your requirements.

We also provide comprehensive support in the sale, decommissioning or repowering of your plant. Make an appointment today!

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