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Personnel Qualification in Industry

Personnel Qualification in Industry

More Success with Well-Trained Employees

The success of your business depends on a well-trained workforce. Choose training and advanced education from TÜV Rheinland – customized to meet your specific needs. Our instructors provide practical training at your site and technical facilities. Take advantage of our experts’ know-how and specialist knowledge to qualify your employees.

Benefits at a Glance

With the training courses and qualification programs TÜV Rheinland offers your personnel, you:

  • Train your employees as extremely well-trained professionals with accredited diplomas
  • Take advantage of our many years of experience conducting personnel qualification programs
  • Take advantage of our individually customized training programs
  • Prove to your customers that your employees have the proper specialized expertise for their needs

Our Training and Advanced Education Services

Our experts offer your employees training courses and examinations specifically tailored for the following professions:


Our training for welders covers all major welding methods, important fields of application, and associated personnel requirements. Upon completion of the training course, your employees receive a qualification certificate for welders compliant with DIN EN 267 or DIN EN ISO 9606 and with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Automatic Welding Machine Operator

Upon completion of the training course, your employees receive a welder qualification certificate compliant with DIN EN 1418 and the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Inspector of Non-Destructive Materials (NDTs)

In our NDT seminars, we train your employees to carry out NDT inspections. Along with ultrasound and X-ray testing, our training courses cover magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection, visual inspection, and evaluation of radiographs.

Crane Operator

The training course, based on the most current guidelines, trains your crane operators on our own standard operations exercise crane. The course concludes with a qualifying examination.

Elevator Operator

The training course for the qualification of elevator operators is based on industrial safety and health regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, or BetrSichV) and German elevator regulations (§ 2 of the Aufzugsverordnung). Upon completion of the course, your employees will receive the corresponding qualification certificate.

Qualified Person

We train your employees as qualified persons in compliance with German industrial safety and health regulations (§ 10 of the BetrSichV). This training gives them the specialized knowledge required, as well as the legal authority, to inspect materials and equipment at your facilities.

Boiler Operator – Designated Employee

According to German industrial safety and health regulations (§ 8 of the BetrSichV), plants and equipment with special risks can only be operated by designated employees. Designed specifically for steam boiler plants, our boiler operator course provides your employees with the required expertise and special knowledge of the relevant operating procedures. The training course concludes with an examination and can be supplemented with instruction on your own equipment.


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Get in contact with us!

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