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Technical Due Diligence for PV Power Plants

Technical due diligence for photovoltaic power plants

Solid investments with our solar technical due diligence

Successful PV power plant projects require sufficient, appropriate funding, and investors and financial institutions in this sector need to be sure that their support goes to technically sound and profitable power plants. With thirty years in the field and unparalleled expertise, our technical due diligence (TDD) services can contribute to an accurate assessment of solar investment projects of all sizes.

We work with both owners and lenders to promote safety and success in the PV industry. As an owner’s engineer, we are contracted as an independent, third party by the plant owner to ensure that contractors and suppliers meet their obligations, schedules, and budgets, and that plants meet performance objectives. As a lender’s technical engineer or independent technical advisor, our experts provide independent advisory services and technical due diligence reports for financing, analyses, testing and engineering services.

Leaders in the solar industry turn to us for TDD for many reasons: our international network of experts and state-of-the-art laboratories, comprehensive one-stop solutions and extensive experience in the field. They come back because we have earned their trust.

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Ensure bankability and feasibility of solar projects with our services for technical due diligence

Providing proof that a PV power plant is a sound financial investment benefits owners and lenders alike. Our technical due diligence for solar projects assesses all aspects, from design and components to construction and performance, detecting faults that impact the plant’s bankability. We adhere to national and international standards when evaluating safety and quality, and our recommendations can help ensure high energy yield.

Solar TDD targets risk management and feasibility

Our approach to technical due diligence for PV power plants encompasses the following key branches:

  • Evaluation of the technical feasibility
  • Contractual management
  • Risk management
  • Inspection and fault detection of PV system design, PV components, construction and performance
  • Plant construction monitoring
  • Assessment of plant’s performance on energy yield predictions
  • Power determination of PV modules
  • Safety-relevant acceptance inspection
  • Confirmation of compliance with national and international standards

Once our work has been concluded, our clients receive a complete portfolio thoroughly detailing the results of our inspection and assessment services.

Our track record in solar technical due diligence speaks for itself

Over decades we have supported investment projects in the solar industry, we have gained the trust and respect of prominent companies in the field. For example, Commerzbank and KfW IPEX-Bank relied on us to provide TDD on Strasskirchen Solar Park one of the largest photovoltaic power stations in Germany at the time of construction. JAG Energy Co., Ldt. has also entrusted us with technical inspections to assess the bankability of the construction of five large-scale solar power plants in Japan. These and many other satisfied customers have made us leaders in the field of solar technical due diligence and enabled us to extend our network of experts and laboratories worldwide to serve you wherever you are.

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Technical Due Diligence for PV

Technical Due Diligence for PV Investments

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