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Energy Management Training

Energy Auditor Course | TÜV Rheinland

Be an accredited expert in energy management by taking part in our energy manager training courses

Reduce energy costs systematically and continually, cultivate energy efficient production, sink emissions and foster an environmentally friendly image by applying the know-how from our energy management training and energy auditor courses.

By taking our energy management training and energy auditor courses, you will learn about the current energy management systems standard ISO 50001 and how it can be applied to various cases. Learn also of the possible relevant financial benefits related to government energy and tax/funding policy.

The conveyed knowledge and practice undertaken within the courses by our experienced experts will help you to apply important energy management ideas and the current energy related legal requirements in your daily work. We can help you not only be greener and save money, but also be an energy management expert.

Improve your energy management by calling an energy management training specialist today!

Save money, improve your green credentials and become competent in energy management with the help of our energy manager training

Energy Manager Training Course | TÜV Rheinland
Benefits of our energy management training at a glance

With ever increasing energy costs it is important to take control of your energy usage. As part of our energy management and auditor training courses we will help give you the tools to create an energy management system. Moreover, our courses are aimed at helping you achieve lower energy costs or in other words more profit as well as an improvement of your position within the competition.

Additionally, you can benefit from a greater transparency of the energy use, improved sustainability, lower resource usage and synergy with other management systems. You can also cultivate an energy conscious image and convey your competence by gaining our test mark and a PersCert-TÜV certificate.

Three steps to be an expert energy manager with our certification energy management and auditor training courses

Our complete energy management and auditor training programmes are split into three sequentially linked modules. An important aspect of all three is the work we do with the energy management systems standard ISO 50001. If you are only interested in being an energy management representative, it is possible after the first module to obtain a certificate for this level of knowledge. We also offer auditors with the possibility to grain a renewal certification. The modules include the following points:

Module 1 – Energy Management Representative (TÜV)

  • A four-day course including examination
  • Requirements of the ISO 50001
  • Energy measurement and data acquisition
  • Energy analysis – including usage, application and load profiles
  • Energy efficiency – basic concepts, energy generation and generation facilities as well as important industrial areas of energy usage

Module 2 – Energy Manager (TÜV)

  • A three-day course including examination
  • Requirements of the energy management system standard ISO 50001
  • Energy politics and the responsibility of an energy manager
  • Focused project planning for an energy management system and consideration of national legal frame works
  • Evaluation of energy characteristic numbers, creation of an action plan and evaluation of practical examples
  • Introduction and execution of an energy plan
  • Documentation of energy management system, implementation and control of energy relevant processes, energy purchasing and supplier management
  • Training using typical practice examples
  • Internal auditing and management review

Module 3 – Energy Auditor (TÜV)

  • A four-day course including examination
  • Basics and goals of energy management systems including ISO 50001 and DIN EN 19011
  • Demands on energy auditors and aspects relevant to internal and external energy management audits
  • Establishment of an audit programmes, role, responsibilities and tasks of an energy auditor, and legal frame work for compliance audit
  • Making an audit, documentation, interview and questioning techniques, active listening, and handling difficult conversations
  • Post-processing of audit, its evaluation and documentation
  • Tracking correction provisions
  • Advantages and dis-advantages of an integrated audits

Due to the validity of the energy auditor certification of three years it is necessary to spend at least eight study hours a year on further education in order to gain a validation extension. For this we can offer you a large range of extra seminars under our energy management training portfolio.

Benefit from our energy management training expertise

Our extensive knowledge in energy management and audits, as well as the associated training, in addition to our experience and internationally established name make us your ideal partner. Our certificates are internationally recognized and, thus, help to establish your competence in the field. We can also offer you a test mark.

Learn how our energy management training courses can benefit you. Call us today!

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