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BRL 1201 Certification for Design and Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

BRL 1201 Certification for Design and Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

BRL 1201 - A quality system must incite to improvement

Even though the saying goes that lightning never strikes twice, one strike of lightning can nevertheless do enough damage to buildings and structures. With a lightning protection system, lightning strikes can be intercepted so that the high voltage of the current is safely grounded. With the help of TÜV Rheinland BRL 1201 certification for lightning protection system, your company shows that its quality management system complies with accepted standards. On top of that, the standard also shows that the people who install the systems – your employees – are properly qualified.

Compliance with the BRL 1201 standard certifies that organizations and companies work efficiently, identify errors rapidly, and makes employees more aware of company objectives and of the quality of products and services. The benefits of certification by TÜV Rheinland can be measured in customer, employee, and supplier satisfaction. And, ultimately, in cost savings and profit. On top of that, you can also ensure greater customer satisfaction with a well functioning complaint handling program to improve customer-specific processes throughout the complete organization.

Benefits at a Glance

When you choose TÜV Rheinland as your partner for certifying quality your management system, you:

  • Show clients that you deliver high-quality work in compliance with the latest standards
  • Optimize your management system processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling improved customer-centric processes
  • Rely on the expertise of our experts with long-standing experience in quality management certification

Our Range of Services

Our experts certify your organization on basis of the BRL 1201 standard. Our services include:

  • Audit based on the BRL 1201 standard
  • Detailed explanations of opportunities for improvement of your management system
  • Issuing official TÜV Rheinland BRL 1201 certificate accredited by official authorization bodies, including the Dutch Board of Accreditation (RvA)
  • Issue of the official TÜV Rheinland BRL 1201 logo for commercial use on letters, Web sites, company vehicles, and so on

The BRL 1201 Standard

The BRL 1201 standard was developed for companies that install lightning protection systems. The BRL 1201 standard for certification is based on the international ISO 9001 standard, but also contains specific items concerning the design and installation of the protection systems. Installation of these protection systems has to comply with several quality standards, including the European NEN-EN-IEC 62305 norm.


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