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Nuclear safety and security in the disposal of radioactive materials | TÜV Rheinland

Secure the disposal of your nuclear waste.

A number of industrial processes produce contaminated, hazardous, and often, radioactive waste. This includes processes in energy generation in nuclear reactors, nuclear processing facilities and research institutions.

When it comes to disposing of this waste, companies must comply with extremely strict safety regulations that seek to protect public health and minimize any negative environmental impact.

Depending on a country's specific rules, either the plant operator/owner or the national regulator is responsible for radioactive waste disposal which in turn depends on the characteristics of the nuclear waste.

Different categories of radioactive material.

Radioactive waste is characterized as low, intermediate, or high level, depending on the material's half-life, radiotoxicity, and how much heat it generates. To protect groundwater, the waste's chemical toxic properties are also analyzed. These categories are especially important for waste transport and storage.

Due to the exposure risk, the materials are handled and transported as hazardous goods. Transportation is also subject to extremely strict safety standards, especially concerning the containers in which the waste is transported.

We support you with our practical, tailored services for waste characterization and disposal processes. Our engineers have experience with all types of nuclear waste and the associated phases of management e.g. retrieval, transportation, processing, recycling, storage and disposal (short, medium or long term storage).

Our services for expert waste management.

The complex nature of large-scale logistics projects, like waste management and disposal projects, require input from a number of different specialists. We have expertise in a range of areas specific to the nuclear waste management and disposal including:

  • Safety analysis
  • Nuclear licensing
  • Operational and Post closure safety cases
  • Security Analysis and security informed design
  • Safeguards and Safeguards by Design
  • Waste characterization
  • Groundwater protection
  • ReVK – data processing for documentation, tracking, and management of radioactive waste and materials in decommissioning
  • Planning for final waste repositories
  • Nuclear engineering and radiation protection

Partner with us for safe radioactive waste management.

Based on our comprehensive and extensive experience in nuclear engineering, we have developed effective methods and strategies for radioactive waste disposal and for implementing the necessary licensing and oversight processes. We offer you tailored solutions for even the most complex safety matters related to waste management and the final repositories of radioactive or otherwise contaminated waste. Contact us.

Our training in the field of waste and disposal management of radioactive material.

With our training courses, we help you to train and develop your personnel to become highly qualified employees. Choose from our training program, which we have compiled specifically for the area of waste and disposal management.

You are interested in further nuclear training? Have a look at our Training and Education Area. You will find there all training along the entire life cycle of a nuclear facility.

Secure your nuclear facility. Get in touch with our technical experts.

Secure your nuclear facility. Get in touch with our technical experts.