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Nuclear safety and security when designing and licensing new nuclear facilities, including nuclear power plants | TÜV Rheinland

Secure your nuclear facility for frictionless new build.

In some parts of the world, such as South Asia, nuclear energy is currently in a growth period with the aim of entering the nuclear business or expanding their nuclear power plant network.

Building a new nuclear facility such as a nuclear power plant involves identifying and understanding the different risks inherent in a project of this scale and complexity. Some of these risks are similar to those of any other large investment project in the energy sector, while others are clearly specific to nuclear energy. Combined with the fact that the nuclear sector is subject to very strict and localized safety regulations there is a strong need for partners who can support in navigating this complex and high risk environment. We place emphasis on being a neutral, independent partner. As well as the relationship between a country's existing nuclear program if any and the new project, the following factors are crucial to ensuring a safe plant build and operation:

  • Appointment and training of skilled workers
  • Management of construction and commissioning and related supply chains
  • Safety, security, environment risk, and quality management
  • Control of project risks such as schedule and budget, taking into account stakeholders' varying interests

In the era of digitalization and the accompanying technological transformation, creating a secure IT infrastructure is of central importance when planning, designing and licensing a new nuclear facility.

Our licensing and design services for nuclear facilities.

We support you in overcoming any challenge with our expertise on the necessary licensing procedures in local markets, as well as comprehensive analysis, testing, and consulting services:

  • Consultancy on licensing of nuclear facilities
  • Nuclear safety analysis
  • Risk informed design
  • Safety case review and production
  • Component design/specification and material qualification
  • Nuclear security and safeguards services
  • Nuclear security informed design
  • Safeguards by Design
  • Environmental services
  • Peer review services
  • Equipment qualification
  • IT and OT security
  • Training and Education programmes and courses

Partner with us for nuclear licensing and design you can count on. From the outset.

The complexity of the nuclear market can only be successfully mastered with the help of an internationally experienced partner with a proven and relevant track record. As a testing, inspection, certification, consultancy and training service provider with global experience, we have been active in this sector since the dawn of civil nuclear technology. Our specialists support nuclear plant designers, operators, constructors, manufacturers of components and as well as technology and service providers to the nuclear sector. We also assist licensing and regulatory bodies as an independent expert organization, and provide training on relevant laws and regulations.

Our training in the field of design and new build of nuclear facilities.

Deep expert knowledge is required in the core energy market. We have tailored our training program to market requirements and offer the following training courses in the area of new build:

You are interested in further nuclear training? Have a look at our Training and Education Area. You will find there all training along the entire life cycle of a nuclear facility.

Further Services

Industrial and Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Services

Secure your nuclear facility. Get in touch with our technical experts.

Secure your nuclear facility. Get in touch with our technical experts.