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IoT and smart homes: Protection of privacy in smart homes

Consumers and legislature are demanding transparency

Users and industry are focusing more and more on smart homes. Devices are increasingly being equipped with an Internet connection and are turning into the Internet of Things (IoT): From a smart TV, digital assistants, smart toys, fitness trackers and networked household appliances through to a complete smart home. This offers many advantages: Greater convenience, increased security and lower energy consumption.

What about data protection and data security?

One thing is certain: The smart home is faced with a large number of challenges. Not everyone is actually willing to let these smart devices into their home and be practically integrated there. Ultimately, this reluctance is also due to uncertainty over reliable data protection, the protection of personal privacy and the avoidance of influence being exerted by undesirable third parties on the installed systems.

In particular, the provisions of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) are placing new and hitherto unknown demands on manufacturers of smart home systems. This Regulation is binding on all manufacturers and service providers who want to offer their products or services in the EU.

Protect the privacy of your smart home users – testing, certification and training from a single source

As an IoT provider, you can actively show your customers that you respect their privacy. We will be pleased to assist you here with an extensive range of services and will provide you with everything relating to data protection of your IoT products from a single source. As part of consumer protection, our experts will help you worldwide to protect your products and services to the highest possible standards.

With IoT, we first look at the actual physical product which the consumer buys, e.g. a household appliance. The product nearly always includes a service, for example control via a smartphone or further services. We will therefore also evaluate the product-related services.

Does your IoT product or IoT service comply with the high requirements of data protection and data security provisions, and does it take account of consumers' expectations regarding their privacy? We will test and evaluate this, and issue the corresponding certificates after a successful test.

With our certificates for IoT products and IoT services, you can prove that you attach great importance to data protection. Consumers are also increasingly being guided by existing certifications when making their purchasing decisions.

We can offer you the following certifications for IoT privacy:

  • Protected Privacy IoT Product
  • Protected Privacy IoT Service

You can find further details here.

In addition to certifications, you can also rely on our IoT seminars in which up-to-date and practical examples will make it easier for you to handle smart homes.

Since our experts are close to the market, they always keep up to date with technology and data security. With TÜV Rheinland as your competent partner, you will not miss any new developments.


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