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Your AIM: Virtual Solutions for Aging Assets.

Many oil, gas and petrochemical plants have already reached an advanced age and plant operators are forced to deal with the aging process of their asset. One of the biggest challenges in aging assets is the increasing risk of corrosion and erosion damage over time and the associated risk of accidents or unplanned shutdowns. However, with regular inspections, maintenance and recurring integrity assurance, the continued operation of old plants is possible. Many operators are uncertain whether it is still economical to maintain plant operation due to the regular maintenance intervals. We are aware of this balancing act and offer operators of industrial plants a cost-effective solution with virtual inspections and Permanent Condition Monitoring.

Achieve your AIM virtually - with Virtual Inspections and Permanent Condition Monitoring.

With our virtual or respectively remote inspections and the use of Permanent Condition Monitoring Tools (PCM), we offer you two fast and cost-effective solutions to identify and minimize the risk of accidents.

By using PCM tools, we obtain information and get an overview of the real state of the plant immediately and 24/7. Based on the data gained, operators receive professional expert advice from us and are able to optimize their plant operation in advance. At the same time, the results create transparency about the efficiency and the "state of health" of the industrial plant. PCM tools provide a much more cost-effective corrosion monitoring solution in comparison to periodic manual inspections. The cost benefits of PCM tools are especially evident for difficult to access locations and hazardous environments. In addition, PCM tools enhance on-site personnel safety and increase efficiency and accuracy of measurement data.

During virtual assessments, we bring our inspectors and your contact persons on-site remotely together. Without any time-consuming preparations, we will visit you virtually and inspect your asset, check documents immediately and witness the evaluate laboratory tests. Through video, audio, chat and augmented reality functions, all involved experts stay in direct contact so that decisions can be made proximately. All details about the procedure and technical requirements for remote inspections can be found here.

Although our tools do not replace statutory inspections, they are an attractive solution for monitoring the condition of the plant at much shorter intervals without inspectors being on-site. Both measures are particularly effective when plants are located in secluded difficult to access areas and hazardous environments.

The advantages of remote inspections and PCM at a glance.

  • No access restrictions (geographical or other circumstances such as COVID-19, strikes or permits)
  • Increasing on-site personnel safety and minimizing personnel access / movements on site
  • Improving efficiency and accuracy of data and minimizing the risks of human errors
  • Worldwide application possibilities
  • Short-term planning times and fast execution
  • Taking advantage of using local personnel with knowledge of the site and facilities
  • Savings in travel expenses

Act now for safer operation tomorrow. Do not forget the future of your AIM.

Digitization opens up new dimensions, advantages and business areas for the industrial sector. As a result of digital change, the areas of functional safety and cybersecurity are increasingly merging. In order to achieve comprehensive protection of a plant, operators are no longer allowed to treat functional safety and cybersecurity separately. Think today about the future of your industrial plant. Find out all details about Functional Safety & Cybersecurity and why nowadays safety without security is no longer possible.

To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.

To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.

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