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Reach your AIM: Asset Integrity Management, ahead of its time.

Looking back on over 145 years of experience as an independent consultant and partner to many of industry’s most prominent organizations, we understand the importance of plant integrity for their commercial success. In an era in which specialized knowledge is increasingly hard to come by, we can offer you expertise in a comprehensive Asset Integrity Management (AIM) service package that examines your plant from multiple perspectives and develops customized, integrated solutions. Our AIM approach goes far beyond classic testing and inspection services to provide long-term consulting, implementation support and safety advice. The result is a stronger market position achieved through fine-tuned value creation instruments that significantly minimize your risks and at the same time promote the growth of your business.

Customizing asset integrity management with our modular concept

Independent Review and Verification

You are:
  • Top Manager (CEO-level, Divisional / Plant Manager)
  • Quality Manager (Maintenance/ HSE)
  • External stakeholders like shareholders, government authorities, trade bodies, even the general public.
  • Technical Experts (Operation, maintenance, HSE)
You are challenged with:
  • Shortage of expertise
  • Limited expert knowledge for holistic solutions
  • Finding supplier of specific non-standard solutions
  • An potential conflict of interest between commercial targets and public demands
  • Internal commercial pressures to compromise on safety
Our solutions for you:
  • AIM strategy and system review
  • Assessment and audit strategy development
  • Implementation support
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AIM Training

You are:
  • Top Manager (CEO-level, Divisional / Plant Manager)
  • Quality Manager (Maintenance/ HSE)
  • Technical Experts (Operation, Maintenance, HSE)
You are challenged with:
  • Shortage of skilled personnel
  • Changing regulatory regimes
  • Changing project execution and workforce
Our solutions for you:
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Process Safety Management
  • Risk & Safety Management
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Data Collection

You are:
  • Quality Manager (QA/QC)
  • Technical Expert (Material Testing / Integrity, NDT)
  • Plant Inspection Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
You are challenged with:
  • Unplanned shutdowns
  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Complex processes / ad hoc technical challenges
  • Unreliable service providers
  • Keeping track of the data volume
Our solutions for you:
  • Inspection of plants and components
  • Material Testing and Non Destructive Testing
  • Condition Monitoring
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Data Analysis & Technical Consulting

You are:
  • Senior Manager (Divisional / Plant Manager)
  • Quality Manager (Maintenance / HSE)
  • Technical experts (Operation, Maintenance, HSE)
  • Safety Manager
  • Plant Engineer
You are challenged with:
  • Safety accidents
  • Extending lifetime of ageing infrastructure
  • Achieving high productivity with low operational cost
  • Limited in-house capabilities and expert knowledge for holistic solutions
Our solutions for you:
  • Integrity Assessment and Life Time Estimation
  • Inspection Planning, Corrosion Control and RBI Consulting
  • Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Centered Maintenance(RCM)
  • Risk, Process Safety, Functional Safety and Security Assessment
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Management System & Software Consulting

You are:
  • Top Manager (CEO-level, Divisional / Plant Manager)
  • IT Manager
  • Quality Manager (Integrity management / HSE)
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Generally interested in AIM
You are challenged with:
  • Long-term sustainable and safe operation culture
  • Insufficient transparency of risk assessment
  • A lack of systematic risk management strategy / clear process & responsibilities
  • Additional costs to avoid risks
  • A lack of adequate IT tools and databases
Our solutions for you:
  • AIM System / Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Software Selection and Implementation Support
  • Auditing and Certification
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  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Analysis & Technical Consulting
  3. Management System & Software Consulting
  4. Independent Review and Verification
  5. AIM Training

Our data collection services include inspections, testing and monitoring during operations of facilities and equipment that should maintain design intent throughout their life cycles. With data analysis and technical consulting, we assess risk, reliability, safety and integrity, helping you keep hazards to a minimum. Management system and software consulting is designed to support you in establishing the system of policies, standards, procedures and resources that ensure the integrity of your assets throughout their life cycles.

Pursue your AIM: Reducing risks and increasing values significantly.

Our unique, comprehensive approach integrates selected, value-added test planning, test execution, innovative risk, safety and other important AIM consulting services. In this way, we strengthen your market position sustainably through individually tailored, holistic services including:

  • AIM strategy development and implementation
  • Comprehensive mechanical integrity assessment and estimation of residual plant life
  • Selection and implementation of trend-setting, secure IT systems
  • AIM software selection and implementation consulting
  • Optimizing security, inspection and maintenance management
  • Professional, technical and digital endurance tests (hackers-point-of-view)
  • Qualified inspection of your plants and plant components

Specialized tasks like these usually require far more expert knowledge than is generally available in-house at plant operators. As the shortage of skilled workers becomes more acute, you benefit from our international network of highly trained, experienced consultants, engineers and technicians who are prepared to help you master present and future challenges. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship over the long term that allows us to solve problems together.

Start a conversation and take AIM at your challenges!

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To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.

To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.