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Learn for your AIM

Know your AIM: Learn with our Experts for your Asset Integrity Management

In different webinar recordings we offer and share our expert knowledge with you. Guess, if it is about structural bolting, handling with aging assets or the digitalization of our inspection services. We give you a permanent opportunity to learn for your AIM.

The Hows and Whys of Structural Bolting

Watch our webinar, to cover the fundamentals of how structural bolted connections work, along with basics on various installation and test methods.

What do we really mean when we say we “torque” a bolt? What really holds bolted connections together? How do the various installation methods work? What do preinstallation and rotational capacity tests tell us?

Learn everything about our Asset Integrity Solutions in our Expert-Video

Owners and operators of large industrial plants are always faced with the challenge of running an efficient and also economically successful operation while ensuring safety for operating personnel and the environment.

Webinar Recording: Aging Assets. Necessity for Inspections, Maintenance and Integrity Assurance

Over time, the risk of accidents and unplanned stoppages increases with aging plants. In our webinar our experts talked about how to manage these challenges and presented various approaches to solving them using several reference cases.

To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.

To reach your AIM get in touch with our experts. We support you.