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Kyushu EMC Laboratory

Kyushu EMC Laboratory in ADOX Fukuoka offers EMC testing / certification and EMC design analysis. On-site testing is also available for the large-scale product which is difficult to move.

Our EMC Testing

radiated emissions
conductive emissions
radiated immunity
conductive immunity
Testings according to the regulations for vehicle devices
Visit ADOX Fukuoka website ADOX Fukuoka Equipments (in Japanese)


TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. Kyushu EMC Laboratory

Chokuan Industry Development Center / ADOX Fukuoka
1245-2 Ueki, Nogata-shi, Fukuoka 822-0031, Japan
TEL: 0949-28-9345 FAX: 0949-28-9346

Main Testing Facilities

We offer variety of EMC testing service at Chokuan Industry Development Center / ADOX Fukuoka. Our EMC laboratory is equipped with two big chambers and a small chamber, shield room and automotive room.

Big chamber TUV Rheinland

Big-chamber 1

Size : 15m×24m×H9.2m
Size of receiving dock : W3m×H2.48m
Turntable : Diameter 5m, Gaining weight 3ton
Power supply ability1 : CVCF1Phase 12KVA(50/60Hz) , CVCF3Phase 24KVA(50/60Hz)
Power supply ability2 : 83KVA(60Hz)
Compressed air : 100L/min
Compulsion exhaust : 20m3/min
Water supply drainage : 20L/min
Testing item : RE, CE, PE, RS, CS, ESD

Big chamber TUV Rheinland

Big-Chamber 2

Size : 12m×21m×H9.47m
Size of receiving dock : W3m×H3m
Turntable Diameter : 3m
Turntable Gaining weight : 2.5ton
Power supply ability : CVCF1Phase 18KVA(50/60Hz) , CVCF3Phase 18KVA(50/60Hz)
Compulsion exhaust :12m3/min
Testing item : RE, CE, PE, ESD, DIP

Small Chamber TUV Rheinland


Size :4m×7m×H3.5m
Size of receiving dock :W1.5m×H2m
Turntable Diameter : 1.5m
Turntable Gaining weight : 0.5ton
Power supply ability : CVCF1Phase 12KVA(50/60Hz) , CVCF3Phase 12KVA(50/60Hz)
Testing item : RE, CS, RS

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