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FSC® CoC Certification

FSC® CoC Certification

Responsible - and Good for Forests

FSC® is widely regarded as one of the most important initiatives for promoting responsible forest management worldwide. Take advantage of the FSC® logo for your products to document that your paper or wood products come from responsible forest management - with FSC® CoC certification.

With chain of custody certification - CoC for short - you can open up more marketing opportunities: from gaining new market shares to reassessment as a "sustainable" product. If your company meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, you can also use the FSC® logo – visible proof that your product has passed through the entire processing chain without being mixed with uncontrolled wood or paper.

We deliver FSC® certification services in association with DIN CERTCO.

Benefits At A Glance

With FSC® CoC certification from DIN CERTCO, you:

  • Show that your wood products come from sustainable forest cultivation
  • Prove responsible production and consumption of forest products
  • Strengthens customers’ confidence in your products
  • Enable consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment and also provide ongoing business value
  • Secure quality and your lead against the competition by streamlining processes and reducing costs
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, the environment, and society
  • Improve your access to target groups and markets, where environmental protection is a top priority
  • Rely on our one-stop services from our network and team of experts for product testing and systems validation

Target Groups for FSC® CoC Certification

Any company that works with wood or paper can be certified. We audit all manner of firms - from raw wood processors to manufacturers of consumer goods made of wood or paper. Pure trading companies - as a link in the processing chain - also stand to benefit from certification.

Your FSC® CoC Certification

Take advantage of the know-how of our employees for successful certification. With comprehensive briefings in advance, or an optional pre-audit, which shows you where your business stands. As part of the certification process, we can also provide training for your employees. Just ask our staff.

5 Steps to Your Certificate

1. Pre-audit
Once you contract us to certify your business, our auditors can run pre-evaluate your audit, if so required.

2. CoC Document Review
Prior to the actual audit, we will review your documentation, i.e. the FSC® instruction manual or the procedural directives, for compliance with FSC® standards. Ideally, you should submit documents to us approximately 3 weeks before the certification audit. This lets us clarify any open questions in advance. Prior to the test date, we will notify you of the results of the document review.

3. Audit
Based on the COC principles, our auditors then review how the FSC standard requirements are implemented on-site in your company. The audit is carried out on the basis of an FSC checklist and is documented in an audit report, which is then available to you after the audit.

4. Certification Decision
The audit report is the basis for the decision by the Certification Committee. At the same time, your planned use of the FSC® logo will also be evaluated. The results will be communicated in writing and the certificate will be issued. Your FSC® certificate is valid for 5 years, beginning with the date of issue.

5. Surveillance Audits
Every year, the surveillance audit checks whether your company complies with the standards. The focus of these audits is to run a routine check on whether execution is in compliance with the standards.

6. Certification Renewal
After the five-year validity of your certificate, we will conduct a re-certification audit to check compliance with standards. The procedure is the same as in the first audit.

What is FSC®?

The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC® for short, was set up in 1993 as a worldwide, independent, non-profit organization. Its goal is to ensure sustainable and responsible forest management. Today there are national FSC task forces in over 80 countries that ensure forest protection measures are adhered to and documented.

FSC® certification provides credible guarantees for customers, including end-users, by providing products with a FSC® certificate code to show that they originated from managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials, or a mixture of the three.

FSC® and FSC® CoC Certification

Based on today's internationally recognized FSC® standards, two different certifications are available: FSC® is for responsible forest management, and the FSC® CoC designed for companies in the further production chain. Products bearing the FSC® logo pass through several phases - from the forest to the consumer - and also through multiple property and ownership processes. The Chain of Custody (COC) can be of different length. However, it is essential that all owners in the production chain are FSC® CoC certified.

Focus of Certification

The certification includes proof of the origin of the wood, volume plausibility, and guarantee that no certified wood was illegally mixed with uncertified wood. In every stage of processing and trading, FSC®-certified wood is always clearly identifiable.

We issue FSC® and FSC® CoC certification for the following products:

  • All wooden products
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Wood-based products:
    • Paper
    • Packaging
    • Boards
    • Paper pulp

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