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Regional and National Vehicle Registration Service

Regional and National Vehicle Registration Service

Quick and Quality: Car Registration Services for Your Vehicles

Cut through the annoying red tape and let us take care of all your car concerns. We can test almost everything for you: from inspecting and registering your vehicle to facilitating customs clearance for exports. We offer various insurance policies to fit your needs. And if you still feel there is too much paperwork to handle, we can happily help you manage your vehicle titles - with our secure online service.

Benefits at a Glance

With the TÜV Rheinland vehicle registration service, you:

  • Get simple and inexpensive regional and nationwide approval
  • Can access our 24-hour help service
  • Save time - thanks to our flexible and simple registration process
  • Benefit from our nationwide network of partner companies and licensing authorities

Our Vehicle Registration Service

Save time and money - by letting our staff take care of all the red tape. Our services for private and business customers include:

Regional Car Registration

  • Either standard or using our "Quick Registration" service.
  • "The Authorizers" - our Web-based contract service.
  • Order forms for you.
  • On-site visits to collect registration documents - either the day before or on the day of registration (with our "Quick Registration" service).
  • Arrangements for personalized or serial plates.
  • Completion of authorization process at the traffic bureau. Return of approved documents and labels to you within 24 hours of registration (or within 8 hours with our "Quick Registration" service).
  • 24-hour service for private clients. Private clients are responsible for first delivering, then picking up their registration documents.

Nationwide Car Registration

  • Services mostly identical to the regional counterparts. Registration documents are sent via registered mail either to our chosen authorization partner, or to you.
  • Approved documents and labels are returned within three working days.

Personalized License Plates

  • We will personalize license plates in accordance with the DIN 74069 norm.

Canceling Vehicle Registration

  • Within 24 hours.

Screening Passenger Cars for Customs

  • Vehicle taxes can be paid by direct debit from your TRPlus account.
  • Customs policy for you.
  • Collecting your registration documents and vehicle.
  • Review of registration documents.
  • Providing the authorities with required customs forms.
  • Providing the required international plates.

Customs Policies and Short-Term Insurance

Trailer Rentals

  • Trailers of all sizes and for all vehicles

Vehicle Title Management - for Businesses

  • Archiving and managing your vehicle titles.

Regional and Nationwide Vehicle Transport - for Businesses

  • Web-based contract service.
  • Transfer up to 8 vehicles - using your own or borrowed equipment.
  • Vehicle introduction for driver.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!

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