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GIS Consulting

GIS Consulting

Geodata: Added Value for Companies and Municipalities

Business processes are increasingly being optimized with the help of a rapid increase in geodata that is available. Do you want to know which sales region generates the highest sales? Or find out where your service technicians conduct the most service calls? Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – tailored to the needs and issues of your company or municipality – can provide the answers to these questions. Our experts for geodata collection and processing use all types of geodata in an extremely wide variety of projects to answer geographically linked business questions. See our list of references for examples of the sorts of projects we manage.

GIS Consulting for Business and Administration

Geographic Information Systems are now a virtually indispensable part of both municipal and business life. As an independent consultant, we can help you introduce new GI systems and integrate and migrate such systems into existing IT planning. Along with general consulting, our services also include drafting specifications and detailed concepts, as well as support throughout the contracting process, including preparing and evaluating documentation for tenders and bids.

Benefits at a Glance

When you choose to rely on experts from TÜV Rheinland, you:

  • Take advantage of neutral and product-independent consulting services that cover the full range of GI systems and geodata – because our employees are perfectly acquainted with this type of heterogeneous market
  • Permanently increase your efficiency and can broaden your range of offerings – based on our consistent approach
  • Can rest assured that any of your projects that deal with geographic questions are perfectly executed, thanks to our many years of experience in working with geodata

Our Services

GIS Consulting

  • Support for introducing and migrating GI systems and integrating them into existing IT concepts through all project phases
  • Neutral and product-independent consulting
  • Consistent approach aimed at achieving a permanent increase in efficiency and extending the range of offerings

Geodata Processing

  • Digitalization
  • Georeferencing and transformations
  • Analyses / intersections / evaluations
  • 3D analyses and visualizations

Geodata Collection

  • Recordings of aerial photos and other remote sensing data
  • Mobile terrestrial data acquisition
  • Measurement precision down to several inches for highly demanding positional accuracy

Street Cadastre and Object Registration

  • Object registration in traffic areas with our mobile recording vehicles
  • Area registration based on orthophotography
  • Normal or stereoscopic business registration of properties
  • Asset evaluation of traffic areas under new municipal financing/double-entry bookkeeping

Split Wastewater Charges

  • Support in all project phases and choice of full project implementation: area recording, preparation and distribution of questionnaires, public relations work, distribution of charges, and much more

Generation of municipal cadastres, for example, green space cadastres

Creation of individual Web GIS applications

Some of our Project References

Broadband Atlas Update for the German Government

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) provides a Broadband Atlas on the Internet, which documents availability of broadband services in Germany. TÜV Rheinland was awarded the contract to update this documentation. Using a process that we recently developed, based on a grid applied uniformly across Germany, we collect and analyze broadband supply data from all broadband providers. The data is displayed as a graphic by means of a newly developed Internet application available at: .

Introduction of Split Wastewater Charges

At TÜV Rheinland, we are helping municipalities introduce a split wastewater charge system. Combined with our technical facilities, our long-standing experience in project work and consulting in the field of municipal administration enables us to carry out your projects in a manageable period of time. You reap the benefits of one-stop shop services, while we handle complete project implementation:

  • Detailed recording and ascertainment of effective discharge surfaces related to sewers based on geo reference data
  • Public relations work
  • Automated generation of questionnaires for voluntary disclosure
  • Aerial surveys
  • Evaluation of true area conditions
  • Spatial analyses of automated real estate maps and land registers

Street Cadastre and Object Registration

The introduction of the new municipal finance management system (NKF) requires complete and precise recording of all municipal assets. An exact, up-to-date and inexpensive method for taking inventory throughout traffic areas is to record mobile measurement data with our measurement vehicles. In GPS-assisted, single-image driving surveys we register objects, areas and road conditions and then evaluate the data. We can use these driving survey images to carry out two- or three-dimensional (stereoscopic) measurements – strictly according to your specifications. For the greatest positional accuracy, we use inertial measurement systems, which can deliver measurement precision down to several inches. And we can also help you evaluate assets in traffic areas.


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