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Product Safety

Manufacturers are successful at penetrating markets, gaining buyer acceptance and increasing market share when selling TÜV Rheinland "marked" products. They can feel confident knowing that each mark is supported by TÜV Rheinland's expert testing and certification services.

TÜV Rheinland GS Mark

The German safety approval mark shows conformity with the German Equipment Safety Law. It is a recognized mark for electrical products, such as office equipment, household appliances and industrial equipment, and is widely accepted throughout Europe. The TÜV Rheinland GS Mark signals to the buyer, customer and consumer that the product, as well as the user manual and production process, has been tested by an authorized institution such as TÜV Rheinland and is supported by regular surveillance audits.

Bauart Mark

The mark is also known as the Type Approved Mark or TUV Mark. It is a safety approval mark for appliances and components. This mark shows that the appliances have been tested & inspected by the impartial TÜV Rheinland and has been found compliant with the required safety standards. The mark is supported by regular production surveillance audits.


The EMC/EMV mark demonstrates compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (emissions and immunity) law as well as the EMC requirements specified in the European EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. TÜV Rheinland can provide EMC testing services through its own EMC facility, appointed laboratories or its own mobile EMC lab used for regional on-site testing of large equipment.


The internationally recognized, third-party SEMI-S2 Mark is for approved semiconductor manufacturing equipment. SEMI recognizes this mark as an official document that denotes third-party compliance with the SEMI S2 standard and safety guidelines.


Automotive products, components and subsystems that are exported to Europe must meet European EC/ECE requirements. Compliance is indicated by the e1 and/or E1 marks on the product.


TÜV Rheinland is now offering Q-Mark certification to afford greater certainty of product safety, performance and quality. We effectively help you to reduce the customer complaint ratio and after-sales costs, gain competitive advantage and establish a good reputation in the marketplace, thereby boosting customer loyalty and confidence.

Ergonomics Mark

The Ergonomics Approved Mark demonstrates that a Visual Display Terminal has advanced ergonomic quality because it complies with numerous ergonomic standards including: MPR II, ISO 9241-3 and ISO 9241-8.


The TOXPROOF Mark is a safety mark issued by TÜV Rheinland, especially for testing the quantities of toxins in products. This TOXPROOF Mark can be issued for a wide variety of finished products like textiles, furniture, construction materials, paints, etc. Whenever you see the TOXPROOF Mark on a product, it indicates that the product's toxin levels are well below official limits.

Toyproof Mark

TÜV Rheinland Proof - Certified quality toys 

This mark combines the safety requirements of the EC directive for the safety of toys 88/378 EEC with specific criteria concerning harmful substances within this range of products and the quality characteristics previously defined. The mark enables the manufacturer not only to evaluate one single toy but also to certify one class of toy economically. The consumer considers this mark a reliable aid for buying toys.

In Europe, the TOXPROOF Mark has been widely accepted and become an important decision-making aid for consumers when buying a product. Well-known international manufacturers apply for the TOXPROOF Mark to prove their awareness of and responsibility for quality, environment and health. The car seat covers covered by the German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, have been given the TOXPROOF Mark approval.

TCO certified Mark

TCO certified Mark emphasizes that the product tested complies with latest version of standard, relevant for the product in regards to Ergonomics, Emission, Energy and Environmental Criteria.

Telecom Mark

The Telecom Mark shows that the line connection of telecommunication terminal equipment complies with national and international requirements. The mark proves that your product fulfills a series of strict requirements.


The T-Mark shows conformity to a specific standard, based on the manufacturer's specification. It enables the manufacturer to show that the product has been investigated to a particular safety requirement and the manufacturing process is regularly inspected.

C-Mark (China)

TUV Rheinland's China C-Mark is a certification scheme that helps manufacturers to minimize risks of negative publicity. Compliance to the scheme enables respective manufacturers to mark their product with the well-known TUV Rheinland Mark. The TUV Rheinland China C-Mark can be used for export out of China and is issued under the name of TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd. Furthermore, consumers can verify in TUV Rheinland's online platform correctness of the certification and further product advertisement as features, etc.