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Radiation Protection Course

Radiation Protection Course | TÜV Rheinland

Meet safety requirements with our radiation protection training

Law requires certification for those using ionizing radiation on humans, animals, or in the course of technical exercises. Technical specialists, doctors and medical personnel who use radiation and/or x-rays as part of their job are obligated to prove their safety proficiency when working with radioactive technologies – for their own protection as well as for that of their patients.

We offer both medical and technical courses on how to work safely with x-rays and radiation. The certificate you earn with us qualifies you to work with equipment, radioactive substances and ionizing radiation.

Our safety track record is impressive, including work in both medical and technical industries. We design our training courses in accordance with our extensive experience and attract respected leaders and experts in their fields as instructors.

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Our certification in radiation protection opens doors

The use of x-rays, ionizing radiation and the handling of radioactive substances and related equipment is an integral part of modern medical practice. Because of the risks related to these technologies, medical personnel are required to demonstrate proficiency in their proper use and handling by earning certification in radiation protection. By attending our recognized seminars on the topic, you can earn the necessary qualification to broaden your field of expertise, become more marketable and, not least, safely carry out procedures using radiation/radioactivity.

Radiation safety courses for doctors and medical technicians

Radiation protection trainings for medical personnel | TÜV Rheinland
Topics of our radiation protection courses

Our radiation protection program is divided into two sections, one for doctors and radiology technicians, the second for other medical personnel.

For doctors we offer:

  • Basic course in radiation protection: our four-hour theory course complements the four-hour practical instruction you receive from a qualified physician in your hospital or practice
  • Special seminar on x-ray diagnostics
  • Refresher course on radiation protection: certification must be renewed every five years

For other medical personnel we offer:

  • Radiation protection course: 90-hour program, of which 60 hours are practical demonstrations and exercises
  • Radiation protection course for medical staff using radiation equipment in the presence of a qualified doctor: 20- hour program, eight hours practical demonstrations and exercises; only available as an in-house seminar
  • Refresher course in radiation protection: certification must be renewed every five years

Radiation protection training programs designed by experts

Safety is our strong suit. In the fields of medicine and technology, we are leaders in educating professionals and promoting safe working environments. Building on our extensive experience, we have designed a radiation protection program that is well-respected and recognized with expert instructors leading the seminars.

Learn more about our radiation protection courses today.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

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