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Public Private Partnership (PPP) Certification

PPP certification with TÜV Rheinland

Sustainable urban infrastructure projects with Private Partnership (PPP) certification

As EU subsidies decrease, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) provide local city and municipal administrations with a viable alternative to finance public projects with private capital. PPP is defined as a long-term contract between a government body and a private entity to provide public assets or services. Private partners in PPP agreements bear significant risk and management responsibilities. Compensation is contingent on prescribed requirements and linked to performance. PPP is a proven solution used worldwide, allowing authorities to meet the challenges of modernization and support sustainable development for their citizens and communities.

PPP certification promotes reliable and transparent cooperation between the public and private sectors encouraging inter-disciplinary collaboration to solve local, regional or even global challenges. Implementing an effective and compliant PPP certified program increases your opportunity to participate in sensible and meaningful PPP projects. We provide you the expert services you need to assess your PPP procedures and application according to statutory requirements and regulations.

Our specialists support you throughout the certification process, evaluating your PPP system, conducting an on-site audit, and making sure you meet certification standards.

Learn how PPP certification can bring you new opportunities in public private partnerships.

Access private investment with trusted our PPP certification program

Obtaining PPP Transparent Municipality certification demonstrates your commitment to credible transparency aimed at reducing corruption and strengthening trust among your business associates.

Gain exposure as a recognized and certified PPP partner listed on our Internet platform to attract private investors for your long-term community projects.

Benefits of a PPP certification with TÜV Rheinland

Step by step to your Public Private Partnership (PPP) certification

The process begins with the implementation of a cooperation program with private investors within a public-private partnership on the side of a public partner.

Statutory guidelines stipulate the following procedure for certification of your PPP credentials:

  • Pre-audit preparation
  • On-site audit
  • Issuing the certificate

Process of the PPP certification program

Transparent municipal certification with our recognized PPP services

We have years of experience in promoting city and municipal best practices in quality assurance and environmental health and safety as well as information security. We make sure your organization adheres to established regulatory standards for PPP Transparent Municipality certification. Our expert assessment designates you as a reputable and trustworthy organization to potential private investor partners.

Win private funding with recognized PPP certification. Contact us today for more information!


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