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Have you already heard of VUCA? The term might not yet be well known, but you are surely familiar with the associated experience. VUCA is what the digital transformation generates in many companies: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

For companies and individuals wanting to strive for growth and secure their futures through expertise, VUCA can work in two ways.

The first possibility: VUCA acts like valium. Out of fear of the unknown and volatility, trust in the future erodes. Company and management are paralyzed. A vicious cycle. The greater the fear of change, the stronger the paralysis and the worse the future prospects for the organization such as employees.

The second possibility: VUCA invigorates like a growth vitamin. Management and company do not resign themselves, but recognize volatility and uncertainty as an opportunity and sign to break out. Because after all the market situation is no longer set in stone for the competition either. Time to set new goals and develop new strategies on how to achieve them.

What differentiates the first VUCA group from the second? Information about opportunities and paths to a goal such as competence and know-how, enthusiasm for one’s own goals and the will to succeed.

Start a Tour of Inspiration with us:

  • Learn more about ambitious international projects of companies for which specific competences and their professional delivery were essential to success.
  • Get to know people who have fulfilled their dreams with new expertise and qualifications and have expanded into new horizons professionally.
  • Get concise information about the opportunities and challenges of new technological developments and learn how our experts assess this and what you should pay attention to.
  • Discover the newest tools, strategies and services that help you and your organization bring you significantly further in your journey through Digital Transformation.
  • Let corporate analyses spur contemplation. Use them to find your inspirations for your own action.

Our current focus of the series “Inspirations from TÜV Rheinland Academy”

Get to grips with competence management and experience how to get it right.
Topic Competence

What are competences, how does competence management work and why is it a vital part of securing the future for companies?

As knowledge becomes obsolete at an ever faster rate, what does that mean for the future of learning?
Topic Future of Learning

Technical knowledge becomes obsolete ever faster. What are the consequences for professional continuing education?

The aspirations and expectations of employees are changing, so we need to rethink how we manage them.
Topic Leadership 4.0

They are the disruption at the employee level. The first generation of “Digital Natives” has arrived in the company. What does that mean for management?

Digitalization means that managers and employees need to rethink their roles.
Topic Digitalization

The person is the motor of societal change – including in the Digital Transformation. A plea for rethinking, from the boss to the employee

Learn more about these topics at TÜV Rheinland Academy and be inspired.
Topic More topics

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