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Personnel certification for long-term management success. Discover the opportunities, benefits and processes now.

Now use the time in your home office for online training and certification - despite the virus

Now use the time in your home office for online training and certification - despite the virus

Decide on one of our numerous online seminars or exams and let our virtual solutions train and validate your knowledge and skills as a professional in your specialist field.

Set benchmarks for performance capacity. Show proof of your competence.

Technical competences are demanded to master the fast pace of progress in an ever more complex world. It is essential to have assurance as to what know-how and skills these qualifications actually entail. Because ultimately, this scope is crucial to the quality outcomes of services or products that customers can expect from companies and organizations can expect from individuals.

Knowledge is verifiable – by PersCert TÜV experts from the independent, interdisciplinary and cross-industry TÜV Rheinland personnel certification body, with locations in more than 40 countries around the world.

As a neutral and independent testing entity, we evaluate acquired as well as existing qualifications with accuracy and credibility, in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 17024 Standard.

Boost the competitiveness of your brand and the attractiveness of what you offer, increase your personal employability and career opportunities – through valuable business-relevant, independent proofs of competence verification and through industry-recognized certificates – the PersCert TÜV proofs of competence.

Our core topics:

  • Production and Technology
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Energy
  • IT and Data Protection
  • Health Services
  • Security
  • Services and Sales

Present your competencies as a company and an individual transparently to allow comparison and differentiation – independent of your location and around the world.

With about 30,000 personnel certifications per year and globally more than 750 certification programs, we verify the technical and professional competencies of people for the long term. We increase trust in the performance capacity of individuals and companies in accordance with globally comparable training objectives.

Credible proofs of competence for increased competitiveness.
Topic Credible proofs of competence for increased competitiveness.

Knowledge that makes a difference. PersCert TÜV verifies the qualifications of employees according to standardized testing procedures or with customized personnel certification programs based on your individual needs.

Lasting recognition through accredited degrees
Topic Lasting recognition through accredited degrees

Global markets demand globally comparable expertise – demonstrate to your business partners and customers that your expertise and your employees satisfy the highest requirements.

Customers right around the world place their confidence in our experience. Get informed now.
Topic Our references – Always be one step ahead of the competition.

Customers around the world trust our expertise in the area of personnel certification. Learn more about how other companies use personnel certificates in the area of recruiting, in quality assurance, or as proof of competence for customers.

When can we work for you?

We can offer consultation at no charge.

We can offer consultation at no charge.