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Now use the time in your home office for online training and certification - despite the virus

Now use the time in your home office for online training and certification - despite the virus

Decide on one of our numerous online seminars or exams and let our virtual solutions train and validate your knowledge and skills as a professional in your specialist field.

TÜV Rheinland Academy – Empowering Technical Competence

Develop your technical expertise! With precisely the right experts.

A world without technical professionals is unimaginable. Without technical specialists, you couldn’t open the website that you are looking at now. There wouldn't be the Internet connection that enables you to browse at this time, nor the computer that enables you to do your daily work. We would simply have to forgo many other things that make life more comfortable, exciting and secure.

The business world is undergoing very dynamic change. Traditional jobs are disappearing and new ones are emerging. The need for technical know-how and well-educated professionals is greater than ever before and continues to increase worldwide.

That is why TÜV Rheinland Academy is at your side: as a leading competence companion for excellence in technical qualification. With innovative learning solutions for technical know-how and decades of experience. Putting you on course to success.

Every 2 minutes, a person completes a TÜV Rheinland qualification and hits the ground running – as a technical professional.

Discover our learning services

  1. Mixed & virtual reality

  2. Game-based learning

  3. E-learning solutions

  4. Learning concepts & consulting

  5. Cloud instruction management


  1. Workforce development

  2. Operation of training centers

  3. TVET quality assurance

  4. Dual system – Made in Germany


  1. Personnel Certification

  2. Standardized test development

  3. ISO 17024 accreditations

  4. Independent testing

Learn from our technical experts – Find your right training category.

Become a technical professional with our trainings. We offer you professional trainings in a variety of subject areas, with which you can expand your skills. Select a suitable topic to see all available offers.

71.686 satisfied training participants this year

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Current information for our customers

Customized in-house seminars

We compile your individual requirements and can then provide appropriate training content. Come and get some advice.

Benefit from our in-house seminars on a variety of topics and the precise fit of what we can offer. You create the requirements, we customize the seminar content to your company’s individual needs – both in individual training sessions, seminars and group training courses. Our top trainers support you in designing precisely the right training. To allow you to concentrate on your core competencies we can also take on the scheduling, development and evaluation of your company's further training, if desired. Let us provide you with skilled one-to-one advice.

Cutting-edge information

Learn more about future topics such as digitalization, Leadership 4.0, or competence management.

Are you interested in future topics such as Digital Transformation, Leadership 4.0 or Competency Management? Are you looking for motivation, inspiration or in-depth information on the topic of employability and empowering? Then you have come to exactly the right place. We keep the most up-to-date information ready for you about the newest trends, strategies and services as well as first-hand viewpoints and analyses. The content is updated on a regular basis and is always worth a look.

To promote creativity, vitality and innovation, people have to increasingly act across sectors.

Markus Dohm

To really achieve this, companies have to ensure that their people are empowered, for example through technical competence. This includes lifelong learning such as targeted competency management in the company. External support is the best answer for those who lack these resources in-house.

TÜV Rheinland Academy is one of the leading competency companions for excellence in skilled technical training. With innovative learning solutions for technical know-how and decades of experience."

Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President TÜV Rheinland Academy & Life Care

When can we work for you?

We can offer consultation at no charge.

We can offer consultation at no charge.