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We give back.

Our approach

There are many aspects in which we, as a company, benefit from social services and circumstances: state-sponsored educational institutions provide some extremely well-trained and talented young professionals, in many places our activities can rely on well-developed infrastructure, and policymakers and the judicial system maintain reliable conditions for the sustainable development of our business.

Mindful of this, it is only natural that we give something back to society through our own commitments. When selecting activities to pursue, we follow clear criteria: A project must be a good match – i.e. it must embody the values we represent, be closely linked to our business activities, or be established in our locations’ local environment or markets.

Our strategic focus is on projects and activities which

  • advance education and science,
  • protect people and the environment, or
  • support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

We usually cooperate with charitable organizations and in doing so concentrate the strengths of several partners. Due to the similar field, we have a close relationship with the organization Engineers Without Borders, which we have supported financially for many years. This organization plans its own technical aid projects and carries them out locally, and supports other aid organizations and those in need by providing knowledge to overcome problems of an engineering nature. They also conduct research and explanatory work in the field of sustainable technological development.

Additionally, our TÜV Rheinland Foundation is committed to social issues and supports charitable projects. You can learn more about the foundation’s work under the following link.

Voluntary Commitment

As a corporate citizen, we also feel a responsibility to contribute to our local community. Thus, we help and support our employees volunteer in social and environmental projects.

The Cologne Volunteer Days have been a fixture in the calendar of our headquarters for many years. With this activity, employees donate one day of their work to a social project closely linked with the company's business. There’s a wide range of projects: From shared projects with persons with disabilities to the beautification and care of a park. In other TÜV Rheinland Group locations, volunteer days are also de rigueur for our corporate responsibility.

On top of that, in 2009, we started an interactive online platform on our corporate intranet for employees who want to volunteer time and skills. Here, they can share their project experiences with like-minded people, present new projects, or simply find inspiration for their own volunteer work. Concerts for the community, child sponsorships in a variety of countries, actions against forced prostitution – on the interactive volunteer platform volunteers can exchange experiences and people interested in volunteering can find inspiration and contacts.

Charitable projects worldwide

TÜV Rheinland's commitment to responsible action is also reflected in our social involvement. This commitment is palpable in the many initiatives and projects we run in the company's individual locations. With company-wide fundraisers, we support affected disaster areas and take on long-term sponsorships in emerging markets.

A selection of our charitable projects worldwide can be found here.

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Christmas donation

Every year TÜV Rheinland supports a charitable project within the framework of a Christmas donation. Our main focus is thereby on projects and activities which advance education and science, protect people and the environment, or support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

In 2013 our Christmas donation benefited the Baramba Girls Secondary School in Tanzania, which is supported by Engineers Without Borders. After securing a supply of clean water last year through the construction of five cisterns, this year the organization has it in for an old diesel generator that does a pretty poor job providing the school with electricity for only a few hours a day. Thanks to a photovoltaic system that is financed in part by our donation and the many hours of sunlight, the organization will provide a reliable power supply for the classrooms and sleeping quarters.

Charity run

Running for a good cause: Every year our employees participated in the Cologne marathon – either the full distance, a half-marathon, or in the relay. The particular incentive: TÜV Rheinland donated two euros per kilometer run to a charitable organization. Thanks to the employees’ fitness several charitable projects could be supported over the last years.

Another donation was made to the local Cologne chapter of Engineers Without Borders, which used the funds for a project to build sanitary facilities for the students of a village in West Cameroon.

The Ronald McDonald House in Cologne and the “Kölner Klinik Clowns” (Cologne Hospital Clowns) also received financial support, thanks to our colleagues’ charity run. Both organizations fight for the recovery and well-being of severely ill children and their families.

Schools in Sichuan and Yunnan Province

When a major earthquake destroyed entire villages in the Sichuan province (China) in May 2008, our employees launched a private fundraising effort to help colleagues and families affected on site. In total, they collected and donated €75,000 to the Chinese Red Cross for short-term relief efforts.

To provide long-term help, TÜV Rheinland also participated in an initiative by the German Foreign Office and the Asia Pacific Committee of German Business to rebuild schools in the affected region. Besides construction work, TÜV Rheinland has also helped improve teaching. Thanks to the personal commitment of our employees in China, we were able to provide books and learning materials to one of the schools destroyed in the earthquake. Employees also introduced training measures for the teaching staff. After successfully completing a project in Sichuan province, we decided to continue our efforts in Yunnan province. This project, supported by TÜV Rheinland with around €300,000, is designed to rebuild schools in danger of collapsing. After about a year of construction, we were already able to celebrate two school re-openings in December 2012.

School sponsorship in India

As part of its social responsibility program, TÜV Rheinland has assumed sponsorship of the "Thimmaiah Reddy School" in Bangalore (India). Over a period of five years, TÜV Rheinland supports the school by building proper sanitation facilities, drinking water taps and classrooms, as well as by providing books and security personnel. 1,200 boys and girls attend the public school in the Electronics City district.

In addition to drinking water taps, toilets have also been put into operation, and a "medical camp" was opened, where students can go for free medical examinations.