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Remote Audits: Auditing and recertification performed offsite

Remote Audit Solution

The audit tool for efficient and resource-saving audits

RAS is an innovative tool developed by TÜV Rheinland for remote audits. It provides many unique features that none of the known video conferencing solutions offer. Thus, our platform meets the highest standards of data security and information transmission, thus enabling a high audit quality.

Remote audits have become a useful tool for many companies. More and more are taking advantage of the flexibility. Online meetings replace on site appointments, thereby reducing travel and on-site expenses. TÜV Rheinland has already conducted over 20,000 remote audits worldwide.


At the same time, RAS is easy and convenient to use for you as an audit customer. TÜV Rheinland creates audit projects and invites you as a participant. You get the user permission to invite further parties before or during the audit. Through the high security level, you can exchange even sensible documents for a seamless process on any of your devices like a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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What is a remote audit? What is the difference to blended audit?

A remote audit is a relatively new form of audit that no longer necessarily requires the physical presence of an auditor on site. Instead, the auditor uses digital technologies to conduct the audit. A remote audit can be conducted entirely online or as a blended audit, a combination of remote and on-site auditing.

Audits with RAS use the following digital tools and technologies:

  • RAS works with integrated video and audio technology to conduct interviews or even show or distribute documents.
  • Employees can use the video camera of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets to show processes in production or administration, take photos and conduct interviews in parallel.

What types of audits can be performed remotely?

Not all types of audits can be performed completely online. There are accreditation rules that limit the proportions of remote auditing depending on the particular standard and audit type. The certifier must perform a risk analysis prior to the audit to ensure the integrity of the audit and the reliability of the audit results.

Complete remote audit
The audit is conducted entirely as a remote audit - from planning to execution to post-processing and the various audit follow-up activities. During the entire audit process, the auditor is not physically present at the audit site.

Blended audit
In audits that are only partially conducted remotely, certain parts of the audit take place on site, while others take place online. Especially when several auditors or experts are involved, this form might be suitable. In these cases, some auditors support the audit process remotely while their colleagues work on site.

Remote post-audit
A post-audit may be necessary in the event of serious deviations. The implementation of corrective actions and their effectiveness are checked and confirmed by the auditor remotely. This also saves travel costs and time during the post-audit.

For which companies are remote or blended audits suitable?

Remote audits are particularly useful and efficient when a company has several locations that are geographically far apart - nationally or internationally. The certification body checks in advance, whether and to what extent a remote audit is possible. Together with you, our experts check the options based on a risk analysis, taking into account the accreditation rules.

What audits can be performed with RAS?

With RAS we can perform all remote or blended audits. The remote part is determined based on a risk analysis in connection with the relevant accreditation rules and in consultation with the customer. Before the remote audit, the quality of the Internet connection and the connected devices, such as microphones, loudspeakers, headphones and mobile devices, must be tested. For this purpose, RAS offers an integrated test environment.

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How does a test with RAS work?

What are the requirements?

To take full advantage of remote audits, certain technical requirements must be met. Communication devices such as a laptop, desktop computer or tablet, cell phones with a microphone, camera and loudspeaker, and a stable Internet connection throughout the company site are required to ensure an online and video connection of adequate quality. In addition, issues of data protection and data security as well as the granting of access rights must be clarified in advance. Our experts will be happy to support you in your preparations for a remote audit.

Your advantages with Remote Audit Solution


Audit participants do not need to travel if their workplace is at a different location or in a different country. The same goes for our auditors - so they are available for flexible scheduling and can use their time more efficiently. By sharing documents on the platform, auditors can review them without your staff having to sacrifice time.


Remote audits do not have to take place on consecutive days - they can be split into several sessions according to your needs. In addition, we can audit several sites simultaneously via RAS. Subject matter experts can also be flexibly involved on a temporary basis without major organizational effort. RAS allows you to invite additional audit participants on an ad-hoc basis before or during the audit.

Lower costs and effort

Since virtually all travel is eliminated, there is no need for planning, hotel bookings, etc., and no unproductive travel time. There are also no license fees for users. The costs incurred are covered by TÜV Rheinland Corporate licenses.

Simple application

RAS is THE intuitive tool for remote audit sessions. We have customized it for this purpose and for your needs. Even participants without experience with videocall solutions will familiarize very quickly. In addition, RAS contains easy-to-understand training sequences.

RAS allows the user to log in several days before the audit to get to know the system, upload documents, check the quality of the Internet connection, as well as check, adjust and - if necessary - replace connected devices.

Work in parallel

Audits are often performed by an audit team consisting of several auditors supported by legal or industry experts. RAS makes it possible to bring these specialists together. In addition, parallel auditing of different processes or sites at the same time is possible.

RAS provides an overview of the entire audit in the agenda view. Virtual meeting rooms allow parallel interviews with simultaneous communication between selected audit participants.


Audits are services that require a high level of confidentiality, because your company often needs to provide sensitive data. For example, this is the only way to demonstrate the conformity of a management system or a production process. With a wide range of security features, RAS ensures that you exchange documents in accordance with TÜV Rheinland's highest protection standards. When uploading documents, it is possible to define the reading authorization of the participants as well as the retention period of the documents in our archive.

In RAS, one can check the qualification and neutrality of the auditors.

Only users registered in the system have access to the RAS audit. Only invited participants or authorized TÜV Rheinland employees can register for the RAS Audit or view documents uploaded to RAS.


Every audit via our innovative RAS platform includes an ICT (Information & Communication Technology) check to be able to test the technical conditions even before the audit.


A key benefit of remote audits is the responsible, environmentally friendly use of resources. By eliminating or minimizing traveling activity, emissions are reduced, which makes a positive contribution to the carbon footprint and thus contributes sustainably to the CO2 balance.

A revolution for remote audits.

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