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Certified Service Quality

Certified Service Quality

The TÜV Rheinland Certificate for Service Quality

In today’s tourism industry, good service is taken for granted. Excellent quality of service, however, contributes significantly to the success of a company. Show your customers that service comes first with a certification according to our internationally recognized standards for service quality. Our auditors evaluate the quality of service of your business, from the first contact to departure. The focus of the certification: a functioning management system and the qualifications and service orientation of your staff. In this way, you adapt the procedures perfectly to the needs of your customers and establish an effective complaint management process.

Certified Service Quality as a Visible Sign of Your Hospitality

In the tourism industry, there is a wide variety of awards which makes it difficult for customers to perform a comparison of quality. The customers’ objective is to experience welcoming service and to have a relaxing time. Give them a valuable aid in decision-making and the confidence of trusting the right partner in advance. With an independent certificate by TÜV Rheinland, you prove your quality of service.

Benefits of Our Certified Service Quality Services at a Glance

Certified service quality in the hotel and restaurant industries by TÜV Rheinland enables you to:

  • Win satisfied customers and offer them an important decision-making criterion with our seal of approval while still searching for a hotel.
  • Document the quality of your tourism services through a neutral and independent inspection body.
  • Learn from your customers and address their critical feedback.
  • Develop and effectively utilize areas for improvement.
  • Use the feedback from our auditors for optimization, cost saving and energy efficiency.
  • Obtain a clear advantage in competing for customers and occupancy rates.

Our experts welcome your questions and are available for further information on a certification of your service quality.

Procedure for a Certification of Your Service Quality

1. Mystery check (optional)
Each audit may be optionally preceded by a “mystery check” in which the auditor initially goes through the service processes of your business unrecognized. After the check-out at the reception desk, the audit then proceeds with a final interview.

2. Certification audit
You demonstrate practical application of your quality management system. Our auditors test how effective it is.

2. Issue of certificate
If your company meets all of the criteria, your company is then awarded the certificate, showing compliance and efficiency of your quality management system. In addition, your company will be included in our online certificate database “Certipedia.”

4. Control audits
Our annual control audits help you continuously optimize your processes.

5. Certification renewal
Every three years the audit is repeated for certification renewal. This ensures continued improvement in your processes and also documents your long-term commitment to quality for your partners and customers.

Our Evaluation Criteria for Service Quality at a Glance

In the course of our audit, we examine these areas:

  • Service philosophy and responsibility in the company
  • Service standard
  • Customer orientation of the staff
  • Service structure
  • Service orientation of the marketing concept

An Overview of Our Complementary Certifications: Offering More Than the Customer Expects

Certification of service quality: Good service is not an accident

With no other management system can you integrate customer requirements into your business processes as well as with the system for service quality by TÜV Rheinland. A tool that allows you to train your employees on customer-orientation, and a certification that sets you apart from the competition.

Certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001: Step-by-step to success

Quality is not an accident but the result of consistent, further development.

For long-term success, quality must be understood as a core task. The internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification is suitable for tourism businesses of all sizes and structures. In order to continuously improve your business, responsibilities, competencies and procedures are obligatory and regularly monitored.

Certification of environmental management: Sustainable, low-impact tourism

With a certification of your environment management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS , you prove responsibility towards the environment and natural resources.

Certification of food safety: Only freshly produced food up on the plates

The utmost care and safety when handling food is vital. Achieve safety from producers to consumers and have your food control system certified by us according to the international standards HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) or DIN EN ISO 22000. Your control system will be tested and confirmed by one of our independent experts who is internationally recognized in the field of food inspection and hygiene.

Information security according to ISO 27001: Protecting customer data

Is security in handling customer data a top priority for you? Prove it with a certification of your information security system according to ISO 27001 .

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