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Certificate of Conformity for Photovoltaic Plants

To ensure compliance with technical and safety requirements, the “ZetaSolar” photovoltaic power plant project in the Ukraine urgently needed professional and reliable independent certification. That’s why they turned to TÜV Rheinland.

Basic Facts
Client: Activ Solar GmbH
Timeframe:May – December 2012
Project Location: Simferopol, Ukraine
Main services:- PV power plant certification - PV including

- ƒƒCheck of energy yield predictions

- ƒƒFeasibility check of planning

- ƒƒInspection of components

- ƒƒPerformance testing of modules in the lab

- ƒƒSafety related acceptance tests

- ƒƒVerification against technical specifications

- ƒƒFunctional testing and measurements of PV strings

- ƒƒ Thermographic analysis

- ƒƒInspection of mounting systems

- ƒƒFollow-up inspections
Involved regulations/ standards:- ƒƒIEC 62446 - Grid connected photovoltaic systems

- ƒƒIEC 60364-1 - Low-voltage electrical installations

- ƒƒIEC 62548 - Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic generators

- ƒƒIEC 61829 - Crystalline silicon photovoltaic array

- IEC 61727 - Photovoltaic systems

Initial situation and requirements

Activ Solar is a global company committed to the development of solar-based technology. Established in Vienna, Austria, the company owns and manages a portfolio of solar assets with the goal of creating a world-class integrated solar energy platform. The company primarily focuses on the cost-effective production and continuous improvement of solar efficiency and the high quality of clean energy technology.

In order to ensure high quality, compliance with technical and safety requirements and attestation of bankability, TÜV Rheinland’s independent and reliable inspection and certification services were required.

About TÜV Rheinland

Founded 140 years ago, TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services, ensuring quality and safety for people, the environment, and technology in nearly all aspects of life.

We inspect technical equipment, products and services, oversee projects and help to shape processes for companies around the world. Since 2006 we have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption.

Due to our extensive experience with solar power plants, we can help ensure plant safety and reliability by supporting you in all project phases – from choosing the right site to full-scale operations. Furthermore, we can assist you in laying a secure foundation upon which large-scale PV systems and solar thermal power plants can achieve and maintain profitability. We offer you a comprehensive range of services related to PV plants, including site assessment and inspection, supervision of construction, plant monitoring with both yield check and yield monitoring and unit inspections.

Solutions, results

Our extensive experience in the photovoltaic sector and our profound knowledge of international standards made TÜV Rheinland the preferred choice for Activ Solar.

With a capacity of 20,98 MWp, ZetaSolar power plant required a full complement of independent inspection services. We provided Activ Solar with a comprehensive approach to cover the client’s full set of demands. This included an inspection of energy yield prediction, a feasibility check of plant planning and the performance testing - PV of PV modules in the laboratory to ensure high energy output and a long component life span. In addition, we took infrared pictures of on-site photovoltaic modules and performed a plant acceptance inspection placing special emphasis on safety. To ensure the high quality of implemented PV modules, we also conducted functional testing and measurements of PV strings.

Independent third party inspections are essential for power plants of this kind with differing stakeholders such as banks and investors insisting upon quality assurance to protect their investment. For Activ Solar, providing engineering, procurement and construction company stakeholders that assurance was of the utmost priority.

Did you know?

The PV plant ‘ZetaSolar’ is part of the “Okhotnykovo Solar Power Station” with a total installed capacity of 82,65 MWp.

Benefits for the client

TÜV Rheinland helped Activ Solar with:

  • ƒƒProviding quality assurance according to national and international technical and safety standards.
  • ƒImpartial independent assessment ensuring the plant as a sound financial investment.
  • ƒRigorous fault detection, ensuring both safety and performance.