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DEWA Outdoor Extension

DEWA Outdoor Extension

The local energy utility in Dubai (DEWA) chose TÜV Rheinland to provide extended outdoor testing of solar power modules as part of DEWA’s plan to expand renewable energies in the region.

Basic Facts
ClientDubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
Time frame2016–2019
Project locationDubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Main Services
  • Engineering services
  • Commissioning and design of outdoor test site
Regulations/standards involvedIEC 60904, IEC 60068

Initial situation and requirements

The Dubai electricity and water authority (DEWA) aims to set-up more than 1GW of photovoltaics and more than 700 MW in concentrated solar power in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Maximum capacity is projected to be 5 GW by 2030. To ensure the success of this project, DEWA required a reliable, experienced research and development partner for PV module testing. DEWA turned to TÜV Rheinland to provide these services.

Solutions, results

Our experts engineered and installed several measurement sites for the extended testing of PV modules .
The test units include multi-tilt structures, two- and one-axis trackers, and façade-integrated installations, such as the Building-Integrated PV Cube. The first of its kind, the BIPVCube is a compact, five-sided testing facility for PV modules that have been integrated into building structures. During testing, the modules are subjected to high-precision electronic loads. Data, including weather information, is collected and continuously transferred to a global acquisition system for decentralized monitoring by DEWA staff.

Did you know?

DEWA oversees the largest single-site solar park based on IPP models. The solar park is the result of investments totaling around 11 billion euros. The solar park will reduce 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions a year.

Benefits for the client

By partnering with us, DEWA gained access to:
  • An experienced partner, active in the solar industry for over 35 years
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure optimal performance of PV modules
  • Customized services tailored to the size and scope of their solar energy facility, and to a range of solar technologies

About TÜV Rheinland

Founded 145 years ago, TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services, ensuring quality and safety for people, the environment and technology in nearly all aspects of life. We inspect technical equipment, products and services, oversee projects and help to shape processes for companies around the world. Since 2006, we have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption. TÜV Rheinland is a world leader in testing and supply chain management services for the solar industry. With over 35 years of experience, we offer testing and certification of PV modules and components, supply chain management, and independent engineering for PV power plants.