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Occupational Health & Safety Services

Occupational Health & Safety Services

Occupational Health and Safety (K3) is our effort to create a healthy and safe work environment, so as to reduce the probability of work accidents/diseases due to negligence that result in demotivation and work productivity deficiency.

The implementation of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) is the basis for achieving financial, economic and social targets for the company.

TUV Rheinland assists your company in implementing OHS through a preventive medicine approach which includes:

- Occupational Medicine

- Occupational Health Management

Occupational Medicine

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Medical Check Up/ MCU services based on Health Risk Assessment

Routine medical check-up (MCU) for employees is one of the occupational health and safety (K3) programs that need to be carried out by each company to find out the current condition of the health of employees or prospective employees.

Through the MCU, companies can mitigate diseases or accidents that may be caused by hazards that arise in the work environment. In Indonesia.

TÜV Rheinland Indonesia collaborated with Medika Prakarsa Clinic to form a Joint Operation (JO): TÜV Rheinland Medsa launch a preventive medicine service, namely Medical Check Up based on Health Risk Assessment

Our MCU services will be perform with all the benefits as below :

MCU is carried out by clinics that have met the requirements of MCU administrators (clinical license, occupational doctor's practice license, PJK3).

• The basic package includes consultation with occupational specialists in determining examination parameters based on an employee occupational risk analysis.

• The basic package includes a work worthiness assessment by an occupational specialist.

• Examination can be carried out in-situ by implementing health protocols

• Quick, reliable and accurate reports

As a reliable partner we will help you develop solutions and measures to deliver the best occupational safety results for your company and employees

Working Environment Measurement

Based on Permenaker no 5 2018, Occupational Health and Safety, hereinafter referred to as K3, are all activities to ensure and protect the safety and health of workers through efforts to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

Employers and/or Management are required to implement the requirements for K3 Work Environment. The implementation of the K3 requirements for the Work Environment aims to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

The implementation of the K3 requirements for the work environment is carried out through the following activities: measurement and control of the work environment and the application of hygiene and sanitation.

Measurement and control of the work environment includes factors: physics, chemistry, biology, ergonomics and psychology. The application of hygiene and sanitation includes: workplace buildings, cleaning facilities, air requirements and household management

Occupational Heatlh Management

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In House Clinic Management Service

In house clinic is a health service program based on one stop service, where staff and employees will get health services within the company's work environment more quickly and practically under one roof.

The in-house clinic has the following functions:

- Maintain and improve the health status of workers,

- Help companies determine policies in the field of occupational health.

- Maintain worker productivity.

TÜV Rheinland Medsa JO will help you manage your in-house clinic, both in staffing, drug supply chain and medical emergency response program (MERP).

Web-Based MCU Data Management

We aim to make MCU results easily accessible with uncomplicated analysis to accommodate data utilization.We also understand that every company has different needs and focuses when it comes to the health of their employees

Therefore, we designed a web-based MCU Data Management to facilitate the storage and analysis of MCU data results.This system allows companies to find and analyze the data they need in an easy-to-use (user-friendly) way.

Web Based MCU

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