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Project Management Consultancy by TUV Rheinland

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

Completing projects on time and within budget while ensuring quality and compliance with design and statutory guidelines is crucial to the success of any project. Using the help of specialized consulting and management professionals allows companies to focus on their core business.

Our Consulting and Project Management Services enable you to ensure sustainable success by getting your employees involved, providing a clear result-oriented focus, and establishing a monitoring and control system for reliable assessment. TÜV Rheinland provides complete advisory services with an aim to optimize all project phases and maintain efficiencies throughout all phases of execution.

Our expert team leads manage the development and evaluation of potential wind energy business opportunities which includes wind studies, reviewing permitting, and proposals. We assist to manage construction of projects, coordinate or direct development, energy assessment, engineering, or construction activities to ensure the wind project needs and objectives are met.

Achieve your goals with our Project Management Consultancy services

We provide you comprehensive Consulting and Project Management services from Pre-implementation planning & development, during construction ensuring time bound & quality execution followed by Commissioning, and Post-Commissioning asset management and other assistance, keeping your focus on your core business. Assure quality, timely completion, and regulatory compliance by placing your project in the hands of dedicated and experienced specialists. Moreover, our consultants help you maintain total technical control to avoid time overruns and remain within budget.

We are specialized in Project Management Consultancy Services especially in the field of Renewable Energy.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our Project Management Consultants provide successful advisory on the appropriate application and integration of the processes during the construction of your wind farm covering the five critical phases such as Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control as well as Project Closure.

TÜV Rheinland India has over a decade of experience in Renewable Energy Project Management (Wind + Solar + Hybrid) and is the perfect partner for your wind farm project requirement/s.

We undertake ownership for every step of the process, from the project planning phase and construction management to the financing of the project and adopting a consistently holistic management approach for your commissioned wind farm project. Our experienced project team adapts to the on-ground situation, technical requirements, and economic constraints pertaining to individual projects.

Our Quality-Oriented Approach

With our diversified experience in the renewable industry, we provide wide-ranging consultancy solutions for every project phase including the construction and operation of the wind turbines. All of these aspects are included in our optimized and coordinated supervision and reporting process. We offer tailored solutions to ensure compliance with statutory and legal requirements, make sure quality standards are met and make certain that resources are used efficiently.

We offer a diverse portfolio of services and know-how to encompass all your needs throughout the supply chain, from project conception to project operation. In addition to the proficiency gained in global projects, TÜV Rheinland holds several industry relevant qualifications and authorizations.

Your Trusted Partner for Project ManagemenT Consultancy

Over the years, we have supported investment projects in the Wind Industry and gained valuable trust from our customers and the industry. We have completed and ongoing techno-commercial (35 GW+ Wind) projects that relied on us to provide Project Management Assistance. All leading developers as well as Financial Institutions have entrusted us with technical studies and inspections to assess the bankability of their wind projects across the country. Such success stories along with several successful ongoing projects have made TÜV Rheinland the go-to partner in the field of Wind Energy Project Management.

Qualified Partner and Agile Project Management Advisory

Project leaders rely on our expert PM portfolio of consulting and external services in order to ensure that large and complex projects are successfully completed as per customer expectations while also protecting capital investment. Proper project management conducted by our responsible and experienced specialists and consultants can guarantee your project a success

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