Photovoltaic Modules Testing & Certification

Qualifying and Certifying Photovoltaic Modules

Like any typical certification program, Photovoltaic (PV) modules were designed to last for multiple years and are subject to a number of requirements. Design certification programs were developed to provide a great deal of confidence that these products would remain reliable and safe for a reasonably long time.

PV module certification programs are the measure of the performance under simulated environmental conditions. Successful completion of such programs boosts both consumers’ and manufacturers’ confidence on the performance and reliability of the products, essential in making informed buying decision.

TUV Rheinland PTL provides PV design qualification and type certification services to many standards including: IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 62108 standards; PV safety testing services per ANSI/UL 1703 and IEC 61730 standards; and other working group standards for concentrated PV modules and systems (CPV).

Benefits at a Glance

With PV module testing and certification services from TÜV Rheinland PTL, you:

  • Have the advantage of the largest global network of laboratories with facilities in United States, Germany, India, China, and Japan. Offering a full line provider of solar testing — from full PV systems to a broad range of system components
  • Profit from TÜV Rheinland’s 30 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics
  • Will gain a partner that has earned worldwide acceptance
  • Can obtain TUVdotCOM quality seal – to prove that your PV modules have passed tests conducted according to national and international standards ensuring their high quality, safety, and reliability

Our Services for Photovoltaic Modules

  • Performance Testing
  • Product Certification
  • Safety Testing and Certification
  • All IEC PV Standards
  • UL Standard Certification and Listing
  • PV, CPV, and CSP Plant Services
  • Planning, Commissioning, Monitoring
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water Certification Testing
  • Energy Rating - California Energy Commission (CEC), PTC Energy Rating and Sandia Module Characterization
  • Evaluation Testing - Long-Term Outdoor Exposure and Engineering Evaluation Testing
  • IEC-EE CB Scheme Services
  • PowerMark Testing

Qualification and Certification of Photovoltaic Products

We test your standardized PV systems and PV components – including PV modules, grid-connected systems, power inverters, frames, cables, and connectors – according to national and international standards. If no applicable standards exist, our experts can carry out tests based on TÜV Rheinland specifications.

Certification Process

In addition to laboratory testing, certification of PV modules and PV components also covers the manufacturing facilities.

Laboratory Testing
In our accredited laboratory, we test selected samples to determine whether your products satisfy applicable standards. The test criteria – transparent to customers at all times – are documented along with the test results.

Manufacturing Testing
Our experts carry out additional periodic quality and product audits at your production facilities. That way, we can ensure that all PV modules are manufactured with the same materials and processes as the samples tested in the laboratory and that product quality is consistent.

Our Testing Laboratory

TÜV Rheinland’s PV laboratory is accredited in compliance with the DIN/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 norm and listed as a certification test laboratory by the worldwide certification system of the IECEE in the photovoltaics category. In addition, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH has been qualified as a national certification body.

Test Standards

  • Quality Testing
    • Crystalline PV (IEC61215)
    • Thin Film PV (IEC61646)
    • Concentrator PV (IEC61208)
  • Safety Testing
    • Thin Film and Cr Si ANSI/UL 1703
    • Thin Film and Cr Si IEC61730
    • Concentrator PV UL8703
    • Concentrator PV TS3.80815
  • Inverter Standard
    • UL1741
  • Power & Control Electronics
  • Component Testing
  • Solar Thermal Testing
  • Tracking and Racking Systems
  • Engineering Evaluation Testing
  • Long Term Outdoor Exposure
  • Module Characterization
  • Development Testing
  • CEC Performance Testing
  • Current Service Offerings
    • Product Testing and Certification
    • Safety Testing and Certification
    • All IEC PV Standards
    • UL Standard Certification and Listing
    • Performance Testing
    • PV, CPV, and CSP Plant Services
    • Planning, Commissioning, Monitoring
    • Solar Thermal Testing and Certification
    • Rebate and FIT verification and listing
    • Power Management
    • Systems Power Analysis