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Get quality certificates and consumer information at the click of a mouse – from our Certipedia online platform. See all of the product features, services, companies, systems, and personnel certifications that we audit, together with the corresponding certificates and IDs. Our services are open to manufacturers, purchasers, retailers, and consumers.

Document Management made Easy

You can use our platform for document management, and to exchange information securely with customers and suppliers. We provide individualized access rights to our database – so you can manage certificates we issue and any other internationally relevant documents.

Benefits at a Glance

Registration on Certipedia lets you:

  • Help retailers, purchasers, and consumers find your product and make purchasing decisions
  • Distinguish your products from those of your competitors
  • Benefit from our 24/7 service for downloading your certificates and audit reports, and for showcasing your company’s services
  • Define new market opportunities and address new target groups
  • Gain a useful tool for organizing your certificates and reducing internal administrative costs

It’s This Easy

Have we certified your product yet? Does it carry our seal of approval? If so, you are automatically entitled to use our Certipedia services. Your company and products are displayed online free of charge – either in English or German.