Safe from Harmful Substances Thanks to the Certificate

Products such as home textiles, mattresses, clothes, floor coverings, or building materials can all contain toxins that are a risk to our health by polluting our living spaces and indoor air. With our test marks, health-conscious consumers will know they're making the right choice when they select your products. For leaders in the prefabricated housing industry, our test mark is now a widely accepted way of showing that buildings have been tested for harmful substances and are non toxic.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland's test mark "Tested for harmful substances", you can:

  • Lower your risk of liability through documented safety standards
  • Document the high standards of your products with regard to healthy living and working conditions
  • Minimize risks of toxic exposure during construction or renovation work
  • Gain a competitive edge thanks to an independent test mark
  • Offer your customers an important decision-making aid when making purchase decisions

Our Approach

Before analyzing the product for toxins, we determine how the product is manufactured and which chemicals are used in the production process. The test itself covers all known, potentially harmful substances, possible contamination, and the materials used to preserve the product during shipment and storage. This lets us ensure that the product has been tested for all relevant toxins. To determine the potential risk of exposure to a toxin, test conditions are chosen based on how consumers are likely to use the product.

Our Test Standards

The test mark "Tested for harmful substances" on a product indicates that:

  • The product presents no danger to human health to the best of current knowledge
  • The product underwent high-quality, recognized, and independent testing
  • The product will continue to undergo random tests after the mark is issued

TÜV Rheinland Toxproof

Our mark: Tested for harmful substances

The TOXPROOF certificate confirms that the building does not contain any health risks from pollutants in ambient air.

TÜV Rheinland Toxproof Allergic Person Qualified

Our mark: Tested for harmful substances for allergic person qualified

In addition to the TOXPROOF certificate, buildings equipped with ventilation systems can also be certified "suitable for sufferers of allergies." This certificate confirms that the building's interior is pollution free and that exposure to dust and pollen is reduced, for example through the use of air purifiers.

Important Changes regarding TÜV OEM Rheinland Certificates.

Safety and quality have been our passion for many years. We test, inspect and certify for you and manage projects with you. Based on our business relationships going back many years, you know us as a reliable and capable partner. Therefore it is very important for us to have our customers well-informed and updated on the most recent changes related to the testing and certification environment. Today we are pleased to inform you about important changes regarding your TÜV Rheinland OEM Certificates. These changes are necessary to comply with the requirements of our Accreditation Bodies, Authorities, Regulations and Laws. Therefore we would like to detail out the scope and practical application of this approach by answering some questions one by one.