Certificate Database - Decision Support in Everyday Life.

Showcase Your Results, Impress Your Target Audience

Certipedia is the online certificate database that makes quality visible in an instant with just one click. We place your certified product online and make it available on www.certipedia.de with a designated page. This service is available exclusively for our customers. It demonstrates in a glance what distinguishes your certified products from your competitors. By scanning the QR code on the product packaging, your customers can obtain information about your certified products at any time.

But certified management systems and services, as well as personal certificates also have their place in our online certificate database. Your entry in Certipedia is the best proof to offer your customers that your certificate is valid.

Your Benefits at a Glance

By publishing your TÜV Rheinland certificate on our online certificate database, you:

  • Visualize your neutrally verified and certified services / products.
  • Support distributors and end consumers with their purchasing decision.
  • Benefit from our round-the-clock service for downloading your certificates and presenting your company’s services.
  • Open up new market opportunities and appeal to new target groups.
  • Gain a useful tool for organizing your certificates and reduce internal administrative costs.
  • Generate additional confidence of customers in your advertising claims.

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Draw Attention to Your Competence, Anytime and Anywhere

In our online certificate database, you have the choice between a Basic, Plus or Premium entry.

Basic entry
A Basic entry ensures that the key certificate information can be searched online, not more and not less.

Plus entry
In case of an individual entry in the certificate database, you and your customers can access your information page with your personal ID number which is reserved exclusively for your certified product. There you will find an overview of all standards by which your products or services are certified. Additionally we offer you the possibility to link your entry to your company website or own social media platform or directly to the contact person in your company.

Premium entry
With your Premium entry, detailed information about your certificate, product features or services ensures that your customers feel well-informed. In addition to the more comprehensive description, we offer the possibility for the integration of product images, company logo and client feedback questions. Invest in your company’s success with more credibility thanks to Certipedia.

The QR Code

By scanning the QR codes, your customers can find out about your certified products or services at any time. With the use of our neutral test mark, you can enhance the advertising of your certified services and increase your customer satisfaction.

Your Personal Certipedia Page Offers Numerous Advantages

An individual entry in the certificate database

  • is exclusive to TÜV Rheinland customers.
  • serves to validate your certification and provides the impartial proof of this.
  • shows all your TÜV Rheinland certified products and services with direct access.
  • is always available and accessible (via the QR code, access our optimized pages for mobile devices).
  • creates transparency and trust with customers and partners with neutral and independent verification and presentation.
  • support purchasing decisions with a glance of the neutral webpage and presentation of results.
  • provides the opportunity to develop new target groups and clientele.

and with a Plus entry contains

  • the test mark including ID number
  • an overview of your certificates
  • downloads of your certifications
  • password-protected downloads
  • a link to your company’s website
  • contact details of your company
  • the possibility of accompanying texts (e.g. information on the tested services; requirements of the standard which was the basis for the testing; quality information achieved through certification)
  • image of company logo
  • one product photo

Premium entries can also have the following additional elements:

  • A maximum of five product photos
  • Individual, user-friendly and comprehensive description of the certified products or services
  • Highlights of other quality criteria certified by TÜV Rheinland (validation statements)
  • Inclusion of client feedback questions
  • Presentation of other certified products or services
  • Product images on mobile start screen
  • Brief portrait of your company

What We Can Additionally Do for You


Would you like to use the online certificate database "Certipedia" for your products? Please contact us. We are happy to inform you what additional information we need from you.