Strategic Consulting for Information Security

Your One-Stop Shop for Strategic Information Security

TÜV Rheinland’s consulting services for strategic information security consist of:

  • Strategic consulting in the field of information protection
  • Consulting services for compliance
  • Risk management for information
  • Audits in line with your company’s own requirements or international standards
  • Project management for organizational and technical implementations
    and standards (27001, ITIL®, ISF)
  • Implementation of information security measures
  • Implementation of an ISO 27001 compliant information security management system,
    or ISMS for short (organizational/technical)
  • Guidelines on DIN / ISO safety standards
  • Awareness seminars

Integrated Solutions

A functioning safety management system is the foundation for any decision-making on technical implementations of protective measures. Services by TÜV Rheinland guide customers beyond the reach of strategic decisions. A consistent understanding of strategic decisions, right up to the technical implementation level, is necessary to ensure reliable and sustainable implementation of measures. This is where TÜV Rheinland can add significant value. As a holistic solution provider, we translate solution requirements from a company’s strategic information security level into technical level solutions.

Benefits at a Glance

With strategic consulting from our experts:

  • Your company will adopt a strategy to address legal, organizational, and technical aspects of a balanced approach, offering comprehensive security
  • Your company will benefit from a comprehensive security solution, where strategic aspects are easily transferred into the technical implementation
  • You benefit from our many years of experience in the fields of information security and IT processes

Four Steps to Strategic Information Security

We adapt our approach to meet your individual needs. A typical process would include the following four steps:

1. Workshop

Starting with a joint workshop, we will discuss your specific requirements.

2. Planning

You will then receive a concept from us based on our extensive experience.

3. Implementation

We then present you with a customized solution or recommendations for improvement and integrate your feedback.

4. Consulting

We provide comprehensive and independent strategic information security consulting, optimizing your information security.