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Testing and certification of lamps, luminaires, light sources and lighting components

Testing and certification of lamps, luminaires, light sources and lighting components

Our test marks for the safety, standard conformity and quality of your lighting products

Manufacturers of lamps, luminaires and the associated components must meet the requirements of numerous standards such as EN IEC 60598, EN 61347 or EN IEC 62031 – to name just a few. In addition, certifications are often demanded in order to place products on international markets and to prevail against competitors.

Through our worldwide presence and cooperation, we offer you support to achieve international country approvals. With our tests and certifications, you ensure the conformity of your lamps, luminaires, light sources and lighting components and make the high quality of your products visible to your customers. Below you will find a selection of certificates and services.

EN IEC 60598 and more: Our services for your lamps, luminaires, light sources and lighting components

The requirements for your lighting products and the associated tests are extensive. In a personal meeting, we analyze your needs together and create individual solutions for you. Get in touch with us!

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Safety testing

We test your lighting products in accordance with the specifications of the EN 61347 series of standards for control gears and the EN 60598 series of standards for luminaires, among others. Product testing includes the following areas:

  • Mechanical safety
  • Markings
  • Clearance and creepage distances
  • Heating measurement
  • High voltage and insulation test

Testing the ecodesign requirement

Your product will be tested by us according to the valid eco-design requirements in accordance with valid standards and regulations.

  • Energy efficiency class
  • Labels
  • Lifetime
  • Color rendering index
  • Flicker
  • Stroboscopic effect

Testing of EMC, EMF and radio requirements

Your product will be tested by us according to electromagnetic requirements as per standards and regulations to ensure interference-free operation.

  • Interference emission
  • Interference immunity
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Radio

Environmental simulation testing

To ensure the safety of your products, we also test them in various application situations and environmental conditions or perform tests that verify their durability even in demanding situations. Particularly worth mentioning are:

  • Testing protection class IP
  • Testing protection class IK
  • Ball impact resistance testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Corrosion and salt spray testing

Further product tests

For your product, we offer other testing services, below is an excerpt.

  • Testing of photobiological safety
  • Testing of the mode of operation
  • Testing of functional safety
  • Testing / assessment HACCP

Chemical testing

Your product is tested in accordance with standards and guidelines to prevent adverse effects on the environment or human health. The service portfolio includes, among others, testing according to RoHS, REACH/SVHC and PAH requirements.

For more information on our testing according to RoHS, please visit our website .

Normative / regulative development support

You are developing a new product and need support in meeting normative and / or regulatory requirements for your target market or the necessary certificate.

As part of our service for normative and / or regulatory development support, we provide you with a structured overview of the relevant standards, limits and test specifications that relate precisely to your specific product. If desired, we can perform tests on your prototype.

Partial and document inspection

You place a high value on the safety of your lighting products. However, when using international supply chains, it is difficult to keep track during the manufacturing process. Therefore, you need an independent review according to your needs before making a purchase or production decision. With our individual partial inspections as well as inspections of your technical documents we give you security.

Research international country requirements

Each country has its own national requirements concerning product safety or conditions for market access. For manufacturers, it is an enormous challenge to keep track of the frequently changing regulations of the different markets. Therefore, we are happy to support you with our service "Research international country requirements":

  • Summary
  • Applicable normative product requirements & required certificates
  • Conformity assessment procedure
  • Proof of conformity
  • Recognition of test reports
  • Inspection requirements
  • Requirements of local representation
  • Required documentation
  • Requirements user manual
  • Labeling requirements
  • Regulatory information
  • Additional information

For a country search, we need a meaningful product description in English, the specification of the destination country and the HS code (customs tariff number) from you.

Once your research is complete, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate testing, certification and inspection services.

Here you can find out everything about our Market Access Service.

Audit customer laboratories with periodic monitoring

To regularly check the quality of your lighting products, you have installed your own test laboratory? Then we are happy to offer you cooperation with various gradations - just as you would like to use your laboratory:

  • CTF-Stage 1: Our experts perform the product testing in your laboratory with our test equipment.
  • CTF Stage 2: Our experts carry out the product testing in your laboratory and with your test equipment.
  • CTF-Stage 3: You carry out the product testing in your laboratory and our experts check the results (Review by TÜV Rheinland SV)
  • CTF-Stage 4: We carry out regular audits of your laboratories, which enable you to carry out independent testing.

Trainings, technical exchange and workshops

TÜV Rheinland offers your employees knowledge via training, technical exchange or workshops:

a.) Low Voltage Directive Regulation 2014/35/EU

b.) EMC Directive Regulation 2014/30/EU

c.) Product certifications

d.) ErP Directive VO (EU) 2019/2020 VO (EU) 2019/2015


If you would like a technical exchange within another subject area, please contact us for further possibilities.

Green Product Mark for Luminaries

green product

Our certification for sustainable luminaires

Sustainability is a strong selling point. As a manufacturer of lighting products, you are certainly interested in increasing your energy efficiency. We are happy to support you in this with our testing services.

We would be happy to discuss in a personal meeting how you can test and prove the sustainability of your lighting product. For this purpose, we would also like to recommend a certification with the Green Product Mark.

General requirements
• Proof of conformity to SA 8000 by:
- Valid SA 8000 certificate or SA 8000 audit reports from TÜV Rheinland) or.
- Full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) can provide documented evidence of third party audit reports or
- Valid report according to GRI standards
• ISO/TS 14067 report or ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 reports

Product-relevant requirements (excerpt - where applicable)
• Standards IEC/EN 60598-1 and following
• Standard basis EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2 and EN 61000-33
• Regulation 2014/53/EUR for radio components

Restriction of dangerous substances with reference to
• 2011/65/EU
• EC No. 1907/2006
• EC No. 2019/2021
• AfPS GS 2019:01 PAH
• 94/62/EC
• DIN EN ISO 11885

Our experts for certification with the Green Product Mark will be happy to inform you in a personal meeting about the further requirements and the certification process. Contact now!

You can find out more about sustainability at TÜV Rheinland here!

Check your lighting products for repairability

Defective luminaires should be able to be repaired within a reasonable period, even after the end of the minimum warranty period.

Manufacturers of lighting products that focus on repair-friendly design can benefit from good repairability - by testing for repairability and indicating a repairability index. This shows the growing target group of environmentally and price-conscious consumers and purchasers that your product can be repaired well and efficiently and that they are making a sustainable purchasing decision.

Have the reparability of your lighting products tested by TÜV Rheinland now and secure a decisive competitive advantage. Find out more.

Our FAQ on lamps, luminaires and lighting components

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What is needed for a calculation and a quotation?

  • Customer number (or form for customer creation)
  • Service / target (testing, certification, etc.)
  • Technical data sheet
  • Type overview
  • Product description

You will find further helpful documents in the download area of this page. Of course, we are also available for a personal initial consultation. To do this, you can reach us by clicking on the "Request a quote" button. If your documents are already complete and you know which service you need, you can also send your documents directly to

What documents are required for testing and certification in addition to the product?

The following documents are required for testing your product:
• Assembly / Operating Instructions (PDF)
• Technical data sheets (PDF)
• Technical drawings (PDF)
• Type plate (Image/JPEG)
• Circuit diagrams (PDF)
• Circuit board layout (PDF)
• Existing test reports (PDF)
• Certificates of critical components (PDF)
• List of critical components

The following documents are required for the certification of your product:
• General contract (between license holder and TÜV Rheinland)
• Specification(s) of manufacturing site(s) (for mark certificate)
• Declaration of mark of origin
• Confirmation of granting of co-license
• Form CIG 022_Part B.1 (Certificate holder)
• Form CIG 022 Part B.2 (Manufacturing site)
• Zipfile TEC_DOC_LUM (Download)

You will find further helpful documents in the download area of this page. Of course, we are also available for a personal initial consultation. To do this, you can reach us by clicking on the "Request a quote" button. If your documents are already complete and you know which service you need, you can also send your documents directly to

What are the so-called critical components in the lighting product area?

"Critical components" describe the essential parts of a product. These are, for example:

  • Electrical driver (operating device)
  • LED modules
  • Lamp sockets
  • Terminals / connection terminals
  • Mains connections / external connections / wires / cables
  • Radio component
  • Board material
  • Housing material

Why do I need to have the critical components of my lighting product certified even before testing?

During testing of the final product, the safety of the critical components is tested in interaction with all components. Various loads and malfunctions are simulated to identify potential hazards. However, this also means that critical components cannot simply be replaced by comparable products from other manufacturers. If you rely on suppliers, you should therefore monitor your critical components well and also ensure their long-term availability.

Of course, we also offer certification of your critical components, so that you receive a comprehensive service from a single source.

Why should I have my product certified?

For access to your target market, conformity with the standards applicable there is the minimum that your product must meet.

If you want your product to stand out from the competition, we recommend our internationally recognized test marks covering various aspects of product safety. This way, you benefit from the credibility of a recognized and independent testing institute.

What advantages does a certificate offer me?

National and international certifications give you access to the desired target markets.

Certification according to the CB procedure allows you to benefit from an international system for mutual recognition of test results and certificates in the field of safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products.

Thanks to our test marks Type Approved Mark, ENEC, GS mark (tested safety), cTUVus, your lighting products will stand out in a competitive market. They can be affixed to your product in a highly visible manner and thus make your quality claim recognizable at a glance.

What is ENEC?

European Norms Electrical Certification, or ENEC for short, regulates the certification of luminaires, office equipment and components such as switches and cables. The prerequisite for the issuance of an ENEC certificate is the compliance of the product with the applicable European standards.

With ENEC, you can secure market access in the EU, EFTA countries, and many Eastern European states with just a single testing and certification procedure. TÜV Rheinland tests electrical equipment according to ENEC 24, and the ENEC+ mark was created for the certification of LED luminaires.

CE mark versus UKCA - What is the difference between both certifications?

The CE mark (Communauté Européenne) stands for EU-wide harmonized regulations to simplify the movement of goods and to define general safety and health requirements for products. After the United Kingdom left the EU, the government there introduced its own mark, but it has the same goal and is currently very similar to the CE system.

If you want to export your lamps, luminaires, light sources or lighting components to the UK, you need a UKCA certification and have to put the mark on your product. Currently, a test report issued by an EU-accredited testing institute can still be used for this purpose. In November 2022, the UK government extended this regulation once again until Dec. 31, 2024. After this date, you will need a test report from a testing institute accredited in the UK. More details about the UKCA mark can be found on our website.

Of course, our UKCA certification experts will be happy to assist you in exporting your lighting products. Contact us now!

Information on testing and certification of lamps, luminaires and lighting components

pdf Testing and certification of light products 5 MB Download
pdf FAQ: Testing and certification of light products 813 KB Download
pdf The key directives and standards 302 KB Download

Contact your experts for testing and certification of lamps, luminaires and lighting components

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Contact us to request a non-binding offer

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