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Risk Assessment Equipment

Risk Assessment Equipment

More Safety in the Workplace

From production and storage, to planning and administration - risk assessments are required by law to ensure worker safety on the job. Our experts can help - by identifying, assessing, and documenting hidden safety hazards. Risk assessments are a preventative measure that can help you save money - and provide your employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Boost employee motivation and avoid workplace accidents. Your business's legal security will also benefit.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for workplace safety, you can:

  • Reduce company downtime by preventing accidents and workplace-related illness
  • Reduce your own workload with clear and complete documentation of your risk assessment
  • Reduce your risk of liability - while gaining legal security with health and safety authorities and trade associations
  • Benefit from economically-optimized workplace safety by properly implementing the prescribed safety measures
  • Boost employee motivation by providing them with a safe and healthy working environment
  • Make your company an all-around safe and healthy place to be
  • Benefit from our close proximity - with 66 locations nationwide, you'll never have to look far for help

Our Approach

1. Our experts determine the legal requirements that apply to your business. They then design a custom-tailored risk assessment to check your compliance with these guidelines.

2. We then review existing documents on health and safety in your business.

3. Part of preparing documentation for your work organization includes designating company representatives, listing their responsibilities, and naming your first aid organization.

4. We will compile a list of work areas - making it easier later to assign risks to their appropriate sections.

5. We will confer with you to decide which work areas or jobs to assess.

6. As part of our site inspection, we then identify potential hazards. We will work with you to develop safety goals for your business - and the practical measures needed to achieve them.

7. As part of our risk assessment, and in determining your priorities for further action, our tried and tested "risk matrix" is a good guideline.

8. Our safety experts thoroughly document the risk assessment and provide you with clear explanations of the findings.

9. They assist you in implementing the new safety measures and monitor their effectiveness. If you like, we can also do these checks.

Legal Standards of Our Services in Part

The following laws and regulations apply to risk assessments and documentation.

  • Occupational safety and health regulation (Arbeitsschutzgesetz (ArbSchG))
  • Regulation on workplace safety (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV))
  • Regulation on work with visual display units (Bildschirmarbeitsverordnung (BlidscharbV))
  • Regulation on biomaterials (Biostoffberordnung (BioStoffV))
  • Regulation on hazardous substances (Gefahrstoffverordnung (GefStoffV))
  • Regulation on handling loads (Lastenhandhabungsverordnung (LasthandhabV))
  • Regulation on noise and vibration safety (Lärm- und Vibrationsarbeitsschutzverordnung
  • (LärmVibrationsArbSchV))

Our risk assessments are activity based. We evaluate comparable working conditions at multiple workplaces at once. If you employ a specific set of people - e.g. expectant mothers or young workers - we are happy to perform the risk assessment with their special needs in mind.


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