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QAFP – Quality Assurance for Food Products

QAFP Quality Assurance for Food Products | TÜV Rheinland

Ensure the safety of your meat products from farm to table with our QAFP certification

The QAFP label gives consumers the confidence of knowing that no antibiotics, growth stimulators or artificial hormones were used in the production process. Quality Assurance for Food Products (QAFP) is a modern certification program designed in 2009 in response to the growing demand for verifiable quality standards in the production of pork and poultry products. QAFP adopts the European Union’s “farm to table” approach, which applies strict standards of quality assurance across the entire supply chain – from the farm where livestock is raised to the grocery store where final products are sold.

QAFP emphasizes animal welfare as well as safe and hygienic working conditions for workers and their equipment. It also standardizes packaging practices to ensure consistent quality and provide consumers with full transparency on the label. The QAFP system is aimed at breeders, processors and distributors of meat products such as pork or poultry.

Our specialists are there to support you at every step of the way, lending you their extensive experience with management and production systems in the food industry.

Contact us to learn more about QAFP certification for your meat products!

Efficient, transparent, reproducible: high-quality food products with QAFP

By certifying your products against QAFP norms, you maintain a consistent standard of quality across the entire supply chain and ensure that your products meet the EU’s strict food-safety requirements. The QAFP label improves your credibility in the consumer market and increases awareness for sustainable farming practices.

For end consumers, a QAFP mark ensures that the pork and poultry products they buy are consistently safe, fresh and flavorful. And for producers, QAFP certification provides a clear advantage over non-certified competitors and opens up new markets in the European Union and beyond.

The QAFP certificate ensures reproducible results through the application of consistent quality standards for you and your suppliers. In addition, the program improves the efficiency of your operations by applying best practices to streamline your production processes.

Benefits of QAFP certification with TÜV Rheinland

Step by step to your QAFP certificate

QAFP guidelines stipulate the followings steps for certification of your meat (pork, poultry) products:

  1. Submit a request to participate in the system QAFP
  2. Sign a contract for an assessment
  3. On-site inspection and assessment of compliance with the requirements of the industry notebook
  4. Corrective actions if the requirements have not been met
  5. Issuance of the QAFP certificate

The QAFP certificate is issued after all requirements have been met. The Certification Body carries out permanent supervision over producers who have the QAFP certificate.

Certification process of QAFP certification with TUV Rheinland

Expert support for your QAFP certification

We are the right choice of partner for your QAFP certification. Gain the support of experienced inspectors who speak your language and work with you at eye level.

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Contact us to learn more!

Contact us to learn more!

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