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Services for Pyrotechnics

TÜV Rheinland

Whether indoor or outdoor, for professional or private purpose, the safe use of pyrotechnics is at the sole discretion of the operator who will have taken full note of the prevailing situation. Powered with fire and explosive chemicals, pyrotechnics are hazardous products and their performance may vary. For manufacturers and retailers of pyrotechnics, safety assurance and ensuring full protection of the operator are a must. Our experts have detailed knowledge about common hazards and can provide tailored services, safety and compliance solutions for the pyrotechnics industry.

As a trusted company and notified body, we can certify pyrotechnic articles, explosive materials and even provide the relevant approvals before transportation. In addition, we can test the resistance to detonation of ammonium nitrate based fertilizers. Our services are provided according to the related directives and standards. Benefit from our expertise and experience on these unique fields that consists of EC-type examination, conformity to type examination (batch tests), product and production quality control.

Market Access Services

Unlock your international success with our Market Access Services. To ensure a smooth and fast market access, we support you with all necessary certifications, inspections and regulatory researches.

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