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Services for Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine is designed to keep your employees fit for work over the long term and prevent work-related diseases. It helps lower absenteeism, improves the motivation of your workforce and makes you more competitive.

As well as providing occupational medical consultations regarding the implementation of a modern occupational health and safety protection system, we help with basic work design measures and advise you on matters relating to work physiology, work psychology and industrial hygiene. Our services include check-ups, consultations on work-related deployments abroad, advice on maternity leave and risk assessments in the workplace – such as the offshore area – and even reintegration of staff members after a prolonged illness.

Trust in our expertise. Our industrial physicians take a holistic approach and always examine the requirements of the job, the working conditions at the company and the work organization and the way they interact. They collaborate closely with psychologists, sports and health scientists and physiotherapists.

Occupational Medicine

A healthy workforce is a healthy organization.

Activities with Biological Agents
Activities with Biological Agents  

Reduce the risk of infection when your staff is working directly with biological agents.

Activities with Hazardous Substances
Activities with Hazardous Substances  

We help you minimize risk for your employees and your business.

Activities with Physical Effects
Activities with Physical Effects  

Reduce the risk of physical health effects at work.

Compressed Air Regulations
Compressed Air Regulations  

Working with compressed air requires care and consideration.

Legal Bases, State of the Art & Occupational Medicine
Legal Bases & Occupational Medicine  

Stay abreast of the legal background and updates related to occupational medicine.

Legal Protection for Expecting & Nursing Mothers
Legal Protection for Expectant & Nursing Mothers  

We give you the practical guidance and advice you need to ensure legal compliance.

Mining Activities
Mining Activities  

Keeping your mines and miners safe.

Offshore Activities  

We help you manage occupational health risks for your staff working on offshore platforms.

Other Requirements
Specific Occupational Medicine Requirements  

Services for specific health and medicine requirements for your employees.

Prevention in Occupational Medicine  

We help you analyze risks and put action plans into place to prevent occupational health issues.

Radiation Protection & X-Ray Regulations
Radiation Protection & X-ray Regulations  

We support staff working with X-ray equipment and radioactive materials.

Risk Assessment
Health Risk Assessment  

We help you analyze occupational hazards and dangers before they become problems.

Specific Reasons
Specific Health Reasons  

We can guide you in the field of occupational medicine.


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Get in contact with us!