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Occupational Health Care in Compliance with Occupational Safety Law (ASIG)

Occupational Health Care in Compliance with Occupational Safety Law (ASIG)

Prevention Ensures Business Success

Do you work with hazardous substances? Are there high noise levels in your company? Or are you planning changes to workflows soon? As part of our occupational health care services, our physicians can inspect work processes and update risk assessments. We can take part in your safety committee meetings, consult your staff on all matters to do with occupational safety, and provide support for prevention. With the support of company doctors from TÜV Rheinland, you promote the safety and health of your employees at the workplace.

Benefits at a Glance

With occupational health care services in compliance with occupational safety regulations, (Arbeitssicherheitsgesetz, short for ASIG) from TÜV Rheinland, you can:

  • Gain legal security and fulfill your due diligence as an employer
  • Prevent occupational illnesses and can recognize work-related diseases at an early stage
  • Benefit from our nationwide network of experts and services from one source - for example by combining occupational safety and care by our experts, or through our skilled network in matters of environmental issues and technology

Occupational Consulting

The extent of support depends on the type and size of the business; it is defined by insurance carriers. Once the contract is completed, we can arrange regular care schedules, where our company doctor provides consulting on-site in your company, and also determine the contents of annual occupational health consulting. For this purpose, you receive standardized documentation.

Psychological Stress Analysis

Besides requiring assessments of mechanical, physical, and biological hazards, occupational health and safety regulations (§ 5 of Arbeitsschutzgesetz) call for an analysis of psychological stress at the workplace as part of the risk assessment. Our occupational safety specialists and occupational physicians use an evaluation tool that record the work situation and work tasks. They then use the results to draw up measures that help reduce stress.

Occupational Health Care for Small Businesses

Various special forms of occupational health care are available for small businesses:

  • Basic Care and Event-Related Care
    Without fixed minimum times for company doctors. For companies of up to 10 employees. The need for care is determined in the risk assessments you carry out regularly.
  • Alternative, Needs-Driven Care
    Specific trade organizations demand alternative, needs-driven support for businesses with up to 50 employees. The prerequisite is that they need to participate in trade organization’s training courses, to be able to answer questions on health and safety and implement measures themselves.

Typical Reasons for Consulting

  • Planning, construction, and modification of installations
  • Introduction of new equipment, agents or hazardous materials with the potential for increased dangers
  • Fundamental changes in work practices
  • Introduction of new working procedures
  • Creation of new jobs and processes
  • Consulting for employees on specific health risks at work
  • Investigation of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Fundamental restructuring of working hours, breaks, and shifts
  • Need for occupational health studies, evaluations, and discussions
  • Workplace drug abuse prevention
  • Job changes, integration, and reintegration, or when specific health problems tend to accumulate

Legal Standards

  • Occupational safety and health regulations (Arbeitssicherheitsgesetz, ASIG)
  • Labor safety and health regulations as implemented in the EC Directive on occupational safety and health in 1996
  • Hazardous substance regulations (Gefahrstoffverordnung)
  • Biological agent regulations (Biostoffverordnung)
  • Noise and vibration regulation (Lärm- und Vibrationsverordnung)


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